I got a Wacom Intuous :D

I just got a Wacom Intuous tablet and, so far, I’m loving it. The pressure sensitivity is really fun to use with Blender’s grease pencil & other drawing software (like Autodesk Sketchbook). And I like how you can set up custom buttons for multiple applications. Anyways, I was just wondering what types of things I could do with this tablet that I might not be aware of. I haven’t tried sculpting with pressure sensitivity yet.

Here’s something I started in SketchBook. It’s far from finished, but why not share?


In fact i think they made this gadget to keep people away from advancing in their drawing skills so they get back to slavery and playing games which are made by others. Hahaha…-

Can you please explain your reasoning in greater detail? I’m confused. Mice don’t have pressure sensitivity, so I feel like tablet this helped my drawing, if anything.

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Just using a tablet rather than a mouse should make your skill better… after you get familiar with the stylus. I have not tried the inous, but wacom tablets are recommended above all the rest.

I think you could’ve phrased that in a nicer way. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but it sounds like you’re just insulting me. Get some sun and cheer up, dude.

I was skeptical about getting a screen-less tablet too, at first, but it’s just as easy to use as a trackpad. The mouse even follow when the pen isn’t touching the tablet. So there’s no problems. It’s very easy to use. I just need to develop my 2D art skills. Honestly, I haven’t done 2D with a pencil in many years & I know it shows.

Personally, I love using this tablet. It’s even great for non-art applications, like web-browsing. It’s cool how you can program buttons to close windows, make tabs, scroll, or middle click. :slight_smile:

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Cool song, bro. :+1:

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The good thing about non screen tablets is that you won’t have the problem of your hand hiding half of the screen, that annoys me alot especially with Sub 22" cintiq-like screen tablets.

Keep practicing, don’t listen to the short lived troll above which will probably get banned anyway, I used to have a Wacom Bamboo tablet back in 2012 (for drawing comics) which is not as precise as this one and its still serve me well to this day, those are very reliable.

But look out for the wear on the Active surface, scratches can definitively ruin it, put some specialized protecting screen that you could find on amazon, or just do like me and put a simple white paper on top of it.

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Yeah it’s life-changing. They’ve changed a lot since I bought mine, yours looks like it has a 4/3 aspect ratio ? Anyway, try sculpting you’re going to have a lot of fun.

Thank you! I didn’t even know they made those. That’s a great idea to prolong my tablet’s lifespan.

I saw a video on why you should get a screen less tablet & it convinced me. Apparently, looking down at a screen is bad for your neck. I already get pretty bad neck pain, so a screenless tablet was a no-brainer for me. Also, getting a Wacom with a screen is about twice as expensive, so I saved a lot by going screen-less.

Thanks! I think he’s probably just having a bad mental health day. I’ve been there myself & I hope he feels better soon.

I tried. It’s really hard. :grimacing:
I love the pressure sensitivity, but I definitely need some more practice to figure it out. Currently, I’m having trouble programming the pen button to pan the view.

Sculpting plus the pressure sensitivity feels really great, gives it a somewhat natural feeling. The pressure sensitivity in general is a godsend.

Regarding configuration - there are some settings that make the whole Blender navigation (panning, rotating, etc.) a lot more intuitive. I don’t remember the details, but a quick search online should give you some suggestions for presets, both Blender internal, as well as for the pen settings, that give you the most out of the buttons you have.

Enjoy the ride, your new tool, and creating with it!

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Try setting your lower pen button (the one closest to the tip) to MMB, and the upper one to RMB. My artist friends all work like this and it really feels natural in Blender because you navigate the view with MMB.

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I followed your advice, plus added modifier keys (shift & control) to two of the top buttons, so now I can orbit, zoom, and pan. Thanks! :smiley:

What should I put in my custom pie menu? You can program a button to bring up a pie menu, like this. :astonished:

I’ve had my Wacom Intuos for a few years. Mine’s a bit old now, you’re looks much fancier than mine does.

I’d say a must have if you want to get into sculpting. Any kind of painting application it also shines. I’ve done several digital paintings in Photoshop with mine. Well worth the relatively small amount I paid 8 or so years ago.

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Mine looks like a toy for kids :slight_smile:
They have definitely improved the design.

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I feel quite lucky to be able to afford a medium one. Stimulus checks are probably one of the only positive things that’ve come from the pandemic. This medium Wacom Intuous tablet costed $187 on Amazon (on sale) and I still had over 2/3s of my stimulus check left. I think there’s possibly a $1,400 stimulus coming up. :astonished:

I really want a foot massage machine…


I also work with a wacom grafic tablett. I really like that. It’s old, i mean at least 10 Years old. It’s much mor easier to work with. But i didn’t know, that pan, orbit and zoom with it, too. I have to try that out!

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