i got Gentoo installed!

i finally got gentoo installed!

im not going to bore you guys with how long it took, omong other things…

but it works!

ok, sorry, i had to tell everyone.

Wow, that is amazing man. That is just so totaly mind blowing. Incredible! Kudos! I pledge myself to your almighty knowledge and wisdom.

%| :stuck_out_tongue:

crap, you had me excited for a sec.

and to think, youre still using windows…


This coming from the person who bumped (for the h*** of it) a 3 year old thread.


On-topic: Congrats man! I’ve done 3 stage1 installs before, it’s a chore, but it’s fun. I moved to ubuntu as I don’t have to time to screw with maintaining my system. I miss the subtleties that gentoo provides for the terminal junkie, and I mistt emerge/portage, but I’ll get used to it…maybe.

Have fun!

Congratulations. I know Gentoo is quite a chore to install. However, I’m going to reinstall linux, because Gentoo simply isn’t that good, in my opinion anyway. Nothing works on it, I try to install some graphics drivers, and it completely screws my whole system. It has some nice features, like portage, but I just don’t like having to spend hours to get it to work. Dittohead, I might try switching to Ubuntu as well, I’ve heard some good things about it.

I’m still using Windoze on my gaming rig though. :x

Congratulations, you 1337 hax0r! :-p

Gentoo is nice if you can jsutify the time it takes to maintain the system / install software.

However I found I couldn’t justify the time, so I’ve went from Gentoo to Ubuntu AMD64.

But anyway, enjoy Gentoo!


Lol, you guys won’t forget that will you. Come on, it was funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job! Now you can razzle dazzle your friends and put in a good word for linux. There’s a lot of FUD out there with regard to linux and it is misplaced. Each success is a score for linux.

hehe thanks guys! i survived a starge1 install after trying 4 times over 5 1/2 days…

tho one thing, whenever i try to emerge somthing, my darn compy overheats and shutsdown. tho its probably because i have only 2 fans…