I Got Maya Last Weekend!

Hey everyone, just wanted to announce I got Maya Unlimited Student Edition, and guess what…I am not going to quit using Blender (please don’t bring up the Max fiasco, I learned from that one).
So far I’m finding that it’s a great program, kind of tricky to use with looooots of buttons and menu junk, but it is very very similar to Blender in a ton of ways. Or is Blender similar to it? :stuck_out_tongue: Oh yeah, and its simulation chamber works like Blender’s as well, all in realtime.

It’s nice to use so far, and I’ve already imported my own Blender figure into it perfectly. All of the Materials stayed in place, and I’m getting ready to make my character some toon shaders.

I’m hoping to put up a picture of my female character soon in Finished Projects or in Off-Topic Chat(been working on her all summer long), and I will have a comparison of her in Blender (completely rigged her when I realized I needed Hair and Full Clothing physics, but hopefully those will come) and her rigged and rendered in Maya if you’re interested. BTW…be amazed by the number of polygons when I get up my Render and Wireframe. My character is 5,000 polygons without Subsurfaces, no outside modeling programs used. :wink:

I think maya’s rendering tools are a bit more robust as well (especiall on the GI side of things with final gather), but like you said I MUCH prefer modeling, lighting, rendering certain things in blender, I also find blenders’ shaders much easier to work with (although that’s probably because I’m more familiar) but blender’s scripting capabilities are way beyond what maya can do. now if only I knew scripting better… not to mention speed of use- blender is lighting fast for pre-viz and test scenes (both rendering and speed modeling). in two years Blender is going to be VERY competitive with almost every commercial package, mark my words. all it really needs IMHO

  • true snapping / measurement tools (and there are some plugins for this)
  • SSS rendering (no faking!)
  • true NURBS capabilities (for tough CADCAM and boolean objects, with fillet + chamfer)
  • optipustics (robust 3D brushes based on modifiable arrays - for example you can paint a tree in 2d and determine all branch generations’ different qualities like shaders etc)

Totally agree with you that blender’s gonna catch up in no time. The real reason I bought Maya rather than stick with Blender was the fact that some of the other features in Blender still haven’t come out yet(like cloth or dynamic hair/fur or SSS). But once they do, I’ll be openly switching between the two programs.

>>> SSS rendering (no faking!)
personally I’d only like to have a little node (fake or real … ) to do the thing and look good while easy to set up.

Did you download it illegal, or did you buy Maya? coz i mean… It cost ALOT of money…



You can download a PLE (personal learning edition) version of maya for free.

The only thing is it water marks yours files, limited size of render and in the case of Alias|studio (i think all of auto desk’s software can be downloaded as PLE) you cant open up any saved PLE files in proper, commercial versions to prevent exploition.

And, I actually think they both suck. I havnt played with poly - only nurbs and I think they are pathetically set up and handled, including its very bad GUI; and i thought blender’s layout sucks. The only 3D modeling app that has impressed me nurb wise is moi3D and gui wise, moi3D + CSI unlimited… No point in a feature rich application if you cant do simple tasks easily IMO.

It took me about a year of waiting and learning before I finally decided to buy Maya because I found it so overwhelming. First there was Blender, then there was Max (easy to learn but it sucks for anything organic modeling; I haven’t used it for several months), and then finally I played around with Maya PLE when I decided I was going to get Maya Unlimited. And yes, I did buy it legally with money I had saved up for several months with my new job. And since I see some flamewars starting here, please, keep the debates down, I’d like to see this thread open for some more time.

BTW, I just got an idea for a new feature in Blender: We could probably make Dynamic Particle Hair like it is in Maya using Blender’s guide curves. In Maya, there are your Guides and then there the output curves. So, what if the user could group together their Curves, and apply a “Make Dynamic” modifier to them or something? Then another object, like an invisible sphere, could be used as the collider for all the fibers. Just a thought.

PLE doesn’t come with things like Maya Cloth, Hair, and Fluid sim. What Suu999 got does.


Ive been messing around in maya as well. I think the Hotbox is fantastic, and Suu999, have you tried making your own marking menus? Its great. Cant wait till blender gets its pie menus!

Mainly Im using it for things like SSS, Dynamics, Maya Live, … Oh ya and NURBS.

How do you make your own Marking Menus? I’ve made my own shelf and messed around with the UI a bit, but I haven’t tried modifying the pie menus yet. Those things are gonna make modeling so much faster in Blender since I always work with two windows side-by-side and I won’t have to be sliding one window waaay over just to see my Vertex or Edge buttons.

is blender really getting pie menus? sweeeet…

To get familiar with Maya you may want to borrow or buy the book “Mastering Maya 7”, I borrowed it from the library and it is very good. It covers Maya Unlimited features and most of the book teaches you by giving a tutorial on how to make a character named Machismo who looks a lot like Bob Parr in The Incredibles. Amazon.com product He’s the guy you see on the cover.:wink:

Whoa there. Calm down. Asking if you downloaded it illegally is a legit question, because the software is extremely expensive. If you’re going to post threads announcing that you got your hands on a multi-grand software, you ought to expect some questions about where you got it from.

That being said, congrats.

To make marking menus go into window > Settings/Preferences > Marking Menus

Then click create new marking menu in the diolauge thing that pops up.

Next Middle click icons from the shelf and drag them into the little squares in the Create Marking Menu Diolouge, Give your menu a name, and click save.

In box that has all you different marking menus click the one you just created, and in the settings make it say Use Marking Menu in: Hotkey Editor then click apply settings.

Go into your hotkey editor (Window > Settings/Preferences > Hotkeys) and find your Marking Menu you made under the User Marking Menus catigory and give it a hotkey.

Save it and there you go, a Handy Dandy Custom Marking Menu!:slight_smile:

O, and MartyJ, he did say student edition, which is only a few hundred dollars, not at all bad for what your getting, of course thats also a few hundreds dollars more then free.