I got the collision detection blues

I have been trying to solve this but just can’t. Hopefully someone here can help. here is what i tried. My object meshes are set to no collision and the bones set to rigid. I tried using ray, radar, near, collision sensors. Also i am using several states. and those sensors are in ALL the states. I even tried using more than one of those sensors I mentioned at a time. When i add my object to
the scene in front of a rock it seems to work as they turn to avoid the rock but as the objects move around my scene eventually go through the rock objects, so it works but not very consistently.I tried different seetings on the reset for the sensors that have reset, but still no luck. I need it to work consistently. Also tried adding another mesh over my rock objects which i made, invisible, actor. did not work. Not sure what else i can try
2.49. Any ideas?


Try turning the outer mesh to dynamic. Other than that, I have no idea.

try adding the near sensor on the rock and conecting it to the object. other than that you can go into the user prefrenses > game tab > Show Physics visualization. this will show the sensors boundrys in red. This can tell you if it is in the sensor settings or is just messed up.

Why do you have sensors on the bones, doesn´t one usually set these on objects? I heard bones with sensors other than globally reacting ones (keyboard and such) can mess up.
But apart from that in the past i realized that the more subdivided a mesh is, the better collisions even seemed to work. Maybe that helps.

edit: ah, and yes, i read somewhere that ‘static’ objects had/have problems with ray or radar sensors.

The faster your object moves, the more likely it is to go through objects. Also, don’t use dLoc for movement, but rather, use linear velocity.

As for your problem with the sensors, it’s generally not a good idea to put sensors like collisions or anything like that inside of the armature object. The armature objects should basically just be handling the animation. For example, this is a good relationship:

Mesh (No Collision) > Armature (No Collision) > Collision Bounds Object

In the above example, the collision bounds object would have the logic necessary to move around, check for collisions, etc. By the way, collisions won’t detect on static objects under any circumstances (I think). I believe they will trigger on dynamic objects, though.

My bones are set to rigid but i have the axis all locked out so I can’t use lin. I have tried lin but my objects move strangely.Of course my objects have different speeds so what you are saying is true. using dynamic produces odd results as well. Using a bounds box sounds hard. i had another object with bounds box with many states that was so complicated wiring i never finished it. . What about a script for CD?
heijulien; i need low polys for good performance


Maybe you should use a rigid body sphere (sphere collision type, not actual sphere) for the collision bounds. That might work.

No, that did not help. I tried all of the other suggestion but none worked


Okay, okay, I have tried everything and no help so i guess i need to make a collision bounds object. i just need a link for a tutorial so i can start to learn this. I am having some trouble locating a good tutorial for 2.49 or even a quick step by step. iknow very little just that collision box hooked up to motion act