I got this game idea...

And I’m 100% sure no one else, ever in gaming history, thought of it, which is why it’ll make it unique: A lawn mower racing game. Sounds cheesy, but it’ll be cool. You have a lawn mower and race other ones (computer AI probably, but multiplayer would rock) and you can save up GP and buy rocket boosters, customizations, and other cool stuff.

Watcha think?

Hello All,
Rofl thats so funny… But when you think about it that would be a good game! If you ever start working on it make sure you give them turbo rocket monkey boosters!!!:evilgrin:


You can make it, but I can’t guarantee me or anyone else will buy/play it.

Edit: They bought Spore.
They’ll buy that and enjoy it.

I guess “Anyone” applies to only me now.

That would be a very ‘interesting’ game. Actually, that’s a great idea! I love the idea of rocket boosters…don’t forget mufflers;). Maybe you can get it to work multiplayer by asking somebody like the team members of the nanoshooter project. Or looking at WSAG. Anyways, that’s a great idea!

Ahem before you go making bold claims…

[edit] I don’t mean to discourage you in any way (hell, I’d love to play your game when it comes out) but when someone says something as sure as that…

[edit 2] Haw, I went and actually read the page I linked to- the game is sponsored by the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association! I so want to see that in real life.

Thanks guys, for the comments. I’d just need people to help program it: one thing I can’t do at all :slight_smile:

Captian: I gooled and digged back pages looking for a game like that, and the only think that came up wasthis.

And yeah, I saw that there really is Lawn Mower Racing. LOL that’s so funny! That game looks pretty cool also … nothing I’d buy though.

It would be pretty cool if you could make the fact that they’re lawn mowers be part of the game. That is, if the act of mowing the lawn was actually part of the objective. Otherwise it’s just a racing game with lawnmowers instead of cars.

I thought of mowing a yard game, since I do that at my grandmas house and thats how I got the idea, but I thought it would be really hard.