I gots 3 paystations

That’s right, no waiting! So if you gotta wee, just get out a coin and stop holding yourself and doing 360’s. It’ll only be a moment before the next one comes out, and you can go on in.


TW…Nice avatar! :slight_smile:

yea yea…that better not be sarcasm…

hey Trak wrecka, hows my shovel coming along?

Well, it’s not envy anyway.

waz up shovel boy…another shovel joke huh?LOL…:smiley:

sniff sniff.

I smell a lock.

waz up shovel boy…another shovel joke huh?LOL…:smiley:

lol no
was wonderin cause I wanna put that smiley and the shovel in my avatar, but I’m still waitin for that shovel
(sniff sniff I smell toast)

Parroty thread fails to deliver.

ooo thats why…LOL…well i’ve been studying like crazy exams r in a week…but im sure i can make sumthin tommorow…

sniif sniff
i smell crack…

sniff sniff I smell skidmarks
hey TW, no prob - go ahead and do whatever it is you’re doin, no hurry

Parroty thread fails to deliver.

Heh… More like a vulture fest.

iight dude…will get it to ya soon…:wink:

Woahhhh…Man, check it out… 3D wee rockz! Little island mints, plastic mats with holes in it, all in real time! WooHoo, worth a coin anytime!

not funny. we are gonna start locking all the parody threads if they become more common than real threads (which has been happening recently)

“off-topic chat” does not translate to “post stupid stuff here”