I graduated today!

Hey all,

I graduated today, so as of now I may call myself a Bachelor in Information Technology. The entire graduation project went extremely well and I finished it with a score of 8+ (average score being 7 and max score being a 10, but nobody ever manages that).
I gave a presentation today about the project and despite being pretty nervous they gave me a 9 for that! YAY!!.

Now! to make this thread on-topic! Being graduated means I now have a few weeks to relax a bit. This will also mean I will be able to migrate the forum over to vBulletin shortly.

I will most likely start by making a public beta version of the forum available this weekend. So everyone is able to test if all features work ok, if the forum is usable for everyone, and if no data-loss occurs during the migration!

If the beta works out ok we will switch to vBulletin within the next few weeks.

That’s it for now, I’m gonna go relax a bit for the rest of today.


Congrats Timothy! That’s great news.

Of course, you could always take those few weeks and just relax…

sounds great.

watch tv, and then get to work. (please!)

have fun.

Congrats again!

Now sit your ass down on the couch with a beer and relax for a few days. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well done.
I’m a bachelor in IT too, graduated with 78% which is not bad.
Unfortunately it means absolutely shite where I come from.

<EDIT> Woops: 77,5% :] </EDIT>

Nice job, Timothy! You will find it was all worth the effort. What are your plans next?

I for one am very appreciative for Elysiun over the years (especially after NaN shutdown). Thank you for Elysiun too! :smiley:

I look forward to trying the revised forum.

My congratulations, as well, Timothy. I agree with the others… you deserve a break. ElYsiun will survive for a few more minutes while you catch a breather.

Okay, had enough? Right, let’s get upgradin’!

( :stuck_out_tongue: only kidding! ralax! I know what its like to work thru a B.S. - and esp. that final project/presentation! I only recently earned mine, returning to school after 12 years in the workplace. You really do deserve a big break!)

Congratulations! As my uncle says: “The tassle is worth the hassle.” Hopefully that proves true for you.

Can’t wait to see the upgrade!

Congratulations man! now GET TO WORK! :wink:

btw. a guy who’s graduating where I work got a 10 yesterday, so boo to you!

Roel (who will start graduation in februari)

Congrats, Timothy. I just got a job working in IT. I don’t have a degree in it (infact I don’t have a degree period), but it sure is a fun field of work.

Best of luck,

Timothy Baldridge

Congratulations Timothy.

Now the real work begins… a job. :frowning:

And thanks for a great forum.


Now’s a good time to roll out the bike, grab you passport, and blow some wind in your face!


Congratulations Timothy,

I know how it feels to be finished with school. It’s like you’re free forever until you release you want to do another study or have to work.
Personally I find that time when you finished school really relaxing, no stress, no thinking about things you have to do for school, no work, nothing, just me myself and my hobby :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

Relax and feel how it feels to be free. When I finished my graphic design school, I was like, omg 10 weeks freedom. So I went 6 weeks to spain to dive, and 4 weeks at home. Whow that was just awesome.
Right now I’m doing a 2th study, communication and multimedia design.

Anyways, what kind of work you wanna do, or are you going to do another study? :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Timothy!

Pfff then your college must set lower standards!

Those of you who think I will now start working are mistaking!!! :slight_smile:

I will continue with my studies, and will start a masters degree in April. Will be a 2 to 3 year course, in the field of Computer Vision.


Thanks for all your comments though!

You nerd. :wink:

lucky you, i have 2 mont left until i have to hold my mfa show.

Congrats, Tim! Have a beer for me :slight_smile:

Congrats, Timothy! And…! Eek, more studies? You geek :stuck_out_tongue: