I guess I should be sorry for even posting artwork.

Be sorry for posting artwork or stop posting them at all before I get banned again from fallout of a piece or delete my gallery or just forget about doing artwork.

Everyone has known I have made pieces that people think suck, but they should also know that i’ve made more pieces that people say has tons of flaws then any other member on the forum. And considering rate of improvement in relation to the amount of time i’ve used Blender, I have calculated that I may be one of the worst artists here when that gets taken into account. Forcing people to waste time looking at work I made that may sometimes be better, but often times only as good (or bad) or worse then as those I made more then a year ago as BGDM has stated he has seen no improvement over a long period of time. So if I had no improvement then what does this mean for me as to get to be a respected artist, in which that if I can never really increase quality over a long period of time and thus never get into the ranks of some of the better artists here then I may as well just be wasting time posting art in this forum and wasting other people’s time.

Then there’s the fact I’m more infamous for behavior stemming from posted art then any other member, the first two times I got banned was from over-reaction to critisism of a piece of art I had posted. If that was still so at that magnitude I may not have lasted this long.

So in conclusion, I conclude that in comparison to all other members, other people’s artwork, rate of improvement, amount of impressed people, length of time using Blender ect… Then I may not just be very good at making artwork except for the rare exception here and there.

So I just guess I should be sorry for even trying to post artwork then.

hell no! you should make as much art as you can and don’t worry what people think about it. (cough even me cough) as long as you enjoy the process and you’re having fun it’s all ok!


drama get over it and get better… Once someone honestly says, awesome! And MEANS it… Then it’s worth it. Otherwise it’s just pity and pity sucks. And if your stuff gained pitty then it might suck. So keep getting better…

There is the fact where people outside of the forum like my artwork, the only harsh critisism I get for my artwork is on this forum. No where is that true elsewhere. There’s probably the fact that the forum’s very technical too but i’m not sure it’s the only reason. Which leads me to think maybe I should just keep artwork out the finished projects section and just show to people outside where they’ll be impressed. Plus I look at some of my artwork that people say they found things wrong and I can’t find any reason to improve them, as if I just like them the way it is at the cost of not impressing those who look at it. I had hoped here before to be able to get to the point where I can reach a high level of perfection but how would I expect to reach that if people here say I haven’t improved. (being @ndy you should know because you’re the community’s best artist)

And you post the same basic thread within a few days?

Stop worrying about what others think, grow up and just do what you feel you want to do.

Now, again, same basic thread, so locked.


or maybe you should spend more than three hours on each piece. pieces that are rated GREAT here take people at LEAST 20-60 hours of work. you’re also still really young. people spend whole careers in CG lighting or textures, you can’t possibly expect to improve to a level of experience of some artists on this forum.

PATIENCE is key. persistance is key. oh, don’t forget your ADHD medicine.