I had a VIRUS!

(jorx) #1

Well. I’m back. I’ve had a virus ever since Thursday, on my Windows system of course.
Today I decided to take a break from trying to rid my comp of the virus, and boot up into Linux for some 'surfing.

So…have I missed anything cool since Thursday? Any cool pics?

(SatoriGFX) #2

You have been trying to get rid of the virus since Thursday? What are you doing, talking really nicely to your computer? Just beat the thing into submission. Do you know what virus it is?


(S68) #3

Yup! tell us which one it is, maybe I miss it in my collection :smiley:


(blengine) #4

have u tried reformatting yet?

(Timothy) #5

Talking about virusses,… ALOT of blender users seem to have them. I know this because my [email protected] e-mail account gets on average about 5 virus e-mails a week,… which is quite alot.

(beatabix) #6

that’s nothing.

one of the Klez variants has decided to send regular emails to my main yahoo account. at least 120K every time with virtually nothing in the body text and no actual attachment.

i just deleted the SIX klez emails i got last night. that’s 700K of virus emails in one day.

ok, so they won’t harm my pc and they don’t spread any further than my yahoo account, but they’re damn annoying!

why do people write these things that only slow the internet down?

BAH! enough!


(sten) #7

I have also got this Klez virus several into my Yahoo mail…
…I used POP3 into OE but then after some viruses I logged
in via webmail instead…they have Norton-online there…

easier to get rid of :smiley:

(valarking) #8

i am getting MILLIONS of those freakin Klez email worms, none have successfully attacked though.

(jorx) #9

Ok, the virus WAS a Klez virus, but it gave me the Elkern virus.

Anyway, I was actually gone from Friday to Monday, so that’s why it was not gone. but now I think it’s gone. All I need to do is get the internet to work in Windows…
Now I have to get a virus scanner which is a REAL pain, but now I’ll use Blender in Linux, not Windows.

Gotta go work.