i HATE 3d studio max, big problem

so i started a corce to learn more about media production, but thay use max and i have found that i HATE it.

the interface is a total mess, it is counter productive.
menu driven, extremely slow, counter productive.
based on primitives, i hate (aswell as cannot) modal from primitives, my work flow is poly by poly/extrusion.
material editor is drag and drop, yuck!
material editor is extremely confusing:spin:
cad like, i serially hate cad applications!!!(am also into engineering, ditched that idea becose everything is just so cad mad)

it only runs on windoZZZZe

what should i do?
a) quit and do something else
b) carry on getting EXTREMELY annoyed
c) outher?

i would personally go with A). dont waste your time on somthing you dont like.

I say A, too. Use the (video?) tutorials to learn better Blender if you feel it is needed.

Everybody hates Max when first introduced. Don’t try to force it to be Blender, and you’ll be all right. Do the tutorials, learn the workflow. You can poly model with Max, but it’s more cumbersome than the primitive stuff they start with.

c) other.

Max is stupid , I used 4 5 6 7 8 9 , they are all stupid …
Blender is Strongger than max , Stonger 8 times …

2 a’s
1 c
1 conformation that max sucks

i think l will give it a few more weeks then decide

Solution: Model in Blender, then export to MAX (maby even texture too, not sure if textures work in the converter. maby UVs do if others don’t?)

unfortunately thats not an option, everything has to be made in max, in class.:frowning:

so then learn it. Blender may be better than max, but max is generally more accepted among 3d artists communities…

better to know two programs than one ^^

I’ve used 3D Studio from Release 1. Even with this, adapting to Max was an extreme struggle. Enough that I thought that I had gone stupid, till I realized that I had learned C++ and Macromedia Director easily in the same time period.
You’re criticism is correct. I’ve never had a job that I could do in Max but not in Blender, but I have had jobs that could only be done in Blender.
The reason to be able to know 3DS Max is that employers look for it, and that makes you more employable.
It makes you part of the Max community. They are almost as organized as the Blender community and lots of good people in it and networking possibilities.
We all look forwards to the day when Blender is taken as seriously as it should.
Till then, I’m renewing my Max subscription to hedge my bets.

i’d recommend you stick with it and learn max, even if you don’t plan to use it, because it will help in the job marker. while blender is getting better known and accepted there will still be jobs that aren’t familiar with it. having a 3d modelling package that they recognize will help you get your foot in the door.

of course, once you get your job and prove your worth you can start introducing blender and help increase awareness in the workplace.:smiley:

I’m in a 3D course right now, and I share your pain. We are FORCED to use Max, and we can’t customize our interfaces, as there’s this program installed on the computers that causes everything to reset when you reboot the computer.

And, I HATE max more than I thought I could. Especially the UV mapping. It is TERRIBLE.

I say convert everyone there to Blender. My teacher likes Blender, but needs to teach us 3DS Max because of the school making him. And, despite what people may say, Blender DOES have stuff in it that Max CANNOT do. Like snap-to-pixels for the UV mapping.

You use Blender.
See my work I have created 95% work of this homepage with Blender.


go buy a USB stick, run blender from it in secret.

or if that fails, just learn to deal with max. You can always take the stuff you learn in that class and use it in blender, so it may be something you will appreciate having done later on. Always take the opportunities you get to learn something.

It’s still heavily used in the industry, if I were you, I’d learn it and then after the semester go back to Blender. From then on, you can say that you know 3dsmax and Blender, which will be a plus when you look for a job.

Modeling in max is horrible, I was surprised myself by how bad it is considering the huge price, but blender is a long way from producing hi quality renders like max can. Personally I look foward to the day you can do really good renders with blender because I cant stand max. I have been using it for a while to , and for me I havent got anymore used to it. Howitzer is right tho, it will look good that you know max, almost everyone still wants someone who knows max. Sad huh…

Max doesn’t have a render engine so its not right say that. Plus any model made in Max can be made in blender. I don’t know where you been for the past few years, but blender has done some renders that are at the same level as what ever render engine max uses.

Hmm they didn’t care that i used Blender in my Maya class… Topped the class :smiley: tell the teacher to deal with it. you will teach yourself the equivalent tools and complete the assignments as required


Well I am minority in this subject. I do like few things in max. The shader&material editor is easy to use, good and fast. And video fx flares are awesome, how ever i never got those fully to work for me.
Modeling in max is very slow, i think also. But then again you can go back in a clever way to earlier step in modeling a model, not allways though. SIDEFX software is interesting software used in industry, i just wanted to mention. But its very expensive. I teached a course of it in school.
Max i used in the “industry” rather i would say i used that in job
but heh I wouldnt want the max stack in blender, it has its draw backs too
stack is the way modelling is in software memory or harddrive, so steps are stored

Everything HAS to be modelled in max? What the heck? Tell your teacher that it really doesn’t matter what you use for modelling as long as it can be exported to Max. It’s the truth. As long as you just know how to model in 3dsmax, it won’t be a problem, since you might need to make little changes to the model in max.

Blender is faster for modelling when you learn it. Especially if you haven’t set hotkeys for everything in Max. I model everything (except for some spline / curve stuff) in Blender and if I unwrap them I use wavefront obj. format to export. For multiple objects I use DXF or VRML. I’ve used 3dsmax for about 2 years in school now. I can model in max too, and did in the very start, but why would I do it since I have Blender with which I can do it much faster?