I hate Camstudio.

I was just recording a video tutorial for my friend, and an hour into it, I felt like saving a “Part 1” so I wouldn’t lose it if something happened. So I did, and after i specified the file name and directory, it says “Couldn’t open .avi file”, then it closed and camstudio just sat there. No video in temp directory, hour of recording gone.

Any free alternatives?

That happened once to me. Still stumped as to why. Now, I usually record in small increments, and do a test video beforehand.

ok. Well I guess I’ll try again.

You need to adjust the video capture settings and/or the audio settings. Same thing happened to me for only 20 minutes or so. You need to take down the record frame rate. Something like 30 or so. By default its at 200 fps. You can also change the video quality and codec to take down the temporary video files more. But, that should work.

I tried that (put it down to 60), but didn’t like the rate, so switched back to auto adjust, where it mostly records at 200fps, which is really smooth at playback.

I’m using Camstudio lossless codec 1.4. I am now going to try techsmith’s camtasia codec…

nevermind. I downloaded and installed the codec, but Camstudio won’t accept it unless Camtasia is INSTALLED. Way to go, camstudio. :frowning:

Well, I have mine set at 30 fps with the lossless codec and it plays back just fine. No crashes either. So, I don’t know… you could try recording with vlc.

record with vlc? How so…?

Yes, do tell. I wasn’t aware that it was possible to record in VLC.

I use virtualdub for screen capture. I didn’t think it would be that great, but it’s actually quite fantastic. I can record at full resolution at 30FPS encoding directly to DivX (or you can use any codec on your system - including the lossless one that comes with camstudio), and it feels less CPU-intensive than any other screen capture I’ve ever used.

I like it for so many reasons it’s not even funny. Try it out. Opensource and in active development as well.

I also hate cam studio, unfortunatly I also have yet to find anything that works, for free, but I didnt even know you could do screen capture with virtual dub ,which I happen to have so Ill let you know.

Man, i hate that program!

a free alternative that works exists, it just does not run on windows i believe… it’s called RecordMyDesktop

Ok camstudio had a problem with files over 4Gb, if your file will be more than that (even in ntfs) it will produce broken file.
Some encoders will produce broken files when recording in hi fps (Huffyuv, Uncompressed).
DivX multi cpu (fastest profile fixed quant 1) will work ok for me, i set it for capture @ 30 fps for low res and @ 60fps for hi res because its recording then closer to 30fps.
I record 1-2 hours and then reset recording for minimising recording lost - keep in mind for fast screen frame change u have less time reaching 4Gb limit.

For now under Vista with newer encoders, maybe there aint that 4Gb .avi limit.