I was sleeping in this morning, having a nice sleep until 10:00, and my mom informed me that it was daylight savings time changing day. It was then 11 o’ clock.

Now it’s 9:00 PM and i’ve been an hour short on everything. And i have to wake up an hour earlier tomarrow morning.

I also realized that this daylight savings time thing that we do makes the day only 23 hours long! There’s no 12:01 or anything between 12:00 and 1 AM, it’s just like, “12:00… 1:00:01.” And then i suppose there’s 25 hours in the day that we set our clocks back one hour… Then it’d go “12:00… 11:0:01?”

Anyways, it’s just a big waste of time. I hate it.


I hate it, too. It screws up any kind of TV schedule that appeals to me.

Worse, it made me miss the repeat of “Cube 2: Hypercube” last night. I really want to see it, and as you all know, I’m kind of prudish on nudity, so hearing the MPAA give it an R for “brief nudity” makes me squirm. (I turned off “Kramer Vs. Kramer” because of that scene where the girl is in front of Kramer’s kid nude… that’s just WRONG. All Movie Guide gives it the PG for “brief nudity…” come on, she doesn’t do too good of a job covering herself up. YOU CAN SEE HER FRICKIN’ “TITS!”)

Then again, I don’t watch TV much, and we don’t alter our clocks on Mars, so it won’t affect me too much. Besides, the damn tape I used doesn’t work… I threw it away. It was cracked.

But still… DST sucks hard ass.

Think that’s bad?
Satruday night I dutifully reminded everyone at work to set their clocks ahead one hour. Then I overslept Sunday Because I forgot to change my own alarm clock! I was an hour late to work.

They were very cool about it though.

ha ha ha i have the best one

we were driving up to brisbane from NSW (new south wales)

and we mad e an appointment to have our windsheild replaced in Brisbane. well we turned up on time (by our clocks)

and then they started laughing and told us we were an hour early.


if only they had daylight savings like MSW does.
its coz they are backwards hilbillys in queensland.

they think daylight savings fades the curtains
and freeks out the cows


hahaahahaha… sorry… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve never really had to deal with DST only when i was two years old hehe. it must be really weird the time just suddenly changing. i would probably get instant jetlag lol…


Indeed. DST is such a stupid idea. Last year I boycotted it by not setting my watch forward… too lazy to do that this year though.

At least we get an extra hour in October though. :slight_smile: Nice birthday present for me.

By the way, technically the change occurs at 2 AM (which then changes to either 1 AM or 3 AM).

DST sucks ass!!! i hate the fact that the time changes on sunday, and then i have an hour less sleep the following day. which means i kinda wake up at 6:00, rather than 7:00. :x who gives a damn about daylight saving shit? it really doesnt make a difference…

There is a sequel to Cube?!??!?!?!?


Never even knew that there was a sequel planned!

… Some web searching later…

Apparantly it has just been released on DVD in the UK!!!

Yay!!! :smiley: :smiley:

PS Daylight savings does suck!


It’ll be on Sci-Fi again on Thursday. I want my mom to buy some tapes NOW for it. I really want to see it. Why? I don’t want my work to go down the drain.

Eh? Oh, yeah, you guys don’t know how I researched hypercubes (4D cubes, the subject & setting of the new film) in preperation to see how true they were to scientific fact. In fact, I should probably do more research soon… to get REALLY prepped for Thursday night. Of course, all my research was basically done on Yahoo and reading a Heinlein story about “tesseracts,” but this is what I did all that for, and hopefully, it won’t be in vain.

Not that I expect the 2nd film to be better than the first (not likely for a sequel of any kind–look at “Chasing Amy”), but I just hope they don’t make themselves look like idiots and make hypercubes seem 2D.

PS: Later, I should probably write a tutorial on how to make hypercubes in Blender… I know how, and it’s kind of easy… I’ll do it ASAP.

hey Crapmoviefan973


yes that is my opinion on the matter!!!

ha ha ha crapmoviefan973

now if they made a movie called “why the cube is so crap” then i would watch it

ha ha ha

FLAME WAR!!! :x :x :x :x


did i just hear someone mention a flamewar? :< i think i can already smell burnt human flesh…MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! :<

saving daylight means saving energy, right now it isn’t such a problem, though in twenty years it might become.

anyway, this never bothered me much, i enjoy having daylight up to 11 o’clock the 21st june… it’s fine with me, you got so much stuff to do outside!


no, i’m not back.

It amazes me, Cube, how you can somehow turn ANY conversation about ANYTHING into a long incoherent rant about whatever the hell you want to talk about.

it stopped amazing me a couple of months ago.


Once ive been in one contry and had daylight savings time and lost an hour then I went to another country lost anoyher hour and to top it all the second country hadn’t had their daylight savings time. :x

DST no longer bothers me but when I was in the military it always played its dirty tricks on me while I was on watch. We had to stand four hour watches so when we moved our clocks ahead that was cool because it cut the watch down to three hour but when we set them back an hour it just turned our watch in to a five hour stint. Yay.

Well, now that it’s about a week into it I don’t mind it as much, i’ve been going on some pretty long bike rides after school. I just hated it because it stole an hour of my time (and i had to wake up an hour earlier for school). It still is a REALLY stupid idea though, who cares if it gets dark early in the winter?