i HATE it when rendering doesn't work.

ok i have made my scene. but when i went to render it…
the screen renders everything completly black… ive checkked the lighting… and all seems ok?? any ideas of what it is.?
thanks so much for your help.

Do you have a camera?
Is it pointing in the right direction?
Are the lights too far or too low?
Are the layers with necessary stuff like objects, lights, camera all active?

BTW the rendering works, always. We do something to make it appear that is isn’t working.


Also, Is your cursor in the 3D window that you are trying to render?

Unless eveybody is talking about an OpenGL rendering and I missed that party, the mouse pointer could be on Jupiter that it wouldn’t stop from rendering.


i checked it champ// i selected all the layers/. added 3 more lights… and in camera view. i can see my scene clearyl…??
any other suggestions.?

Check if you accidentally have “Do Sequence” turned on the render panels.

I’m having a simialar problem.
I have a soft body, baked, which animates in the 3D window (wind), but not in the rendering. I keep meesing with things trying to get it to render (The camera is on the object, the object is well lit, I am set to AVI raw @ 25fps… ) and all I get is a naked background (world) or worse, I just see black.
I am new to blender, but have made several working animations so far. This one is hurting my brain. Any thoughts?

Post your blends and let somebody take a look at it. You’re probably overlooking something simple.

hey thanks guys/… it was causae i had the do sequence checked… but why does that stuff up the render?

it was causae i had the do sequence checked… but why does that stuff up the render?

Because you didn’t have anything set up in the Sequence Editor.

try doing some sequence rendering, its a nice feature of blenders.

Hey im having the same problem, and i check it all out and i don’t have do sequence selected either. Ive been using blender for a few years now and i know how to animate and render, but for some strange reason the animation im trying to animate, won’t show up at all, i get black screens and thats it. I can sometimes render the single image but sometimes it comes up black. Ive been dying to render this but i just cant, so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: thanks

In 2.44, don’t use JPEG for animations. It’s broken.

In 2.44, don’t use JPEG for animations. It’s broken.
really? Assuming you’re talking about avi jpegs, I’ve never noticed that. Anyways, you might want to check how far your lights go by selecting the “sphere” option in the lighting/materials buttons window. I use it all the time.

The JPG animation bug occurs in Blender 2.44 in windows. It’s fixed in 2.45. Here’s the original bug report: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?group_id=9&atid=125&func=detail&aid=6714