I hate phones

I’m planning to get an apple watch with cellular. I was thinking how phones are getting bigger and all I want is a 4 inch phone. Actually a 3.5 inch phone to fit my pocket nicely. However the watch can do all the things I want. Almost.

The biggest problem is that I want a camera on me. Phone cameras are amazing and any ‘point and shoot’ camera are way too thick to be comfortable.

Agreed. I would have traded my smartphone in for a flip-phone, but then certain apps (like Robinhood) are no longer accessible.

I think idle thought and day-dreaming is super-important; it’s like buffering time for your brain. Replacing that with browsing Reddit or whatever cannot be good, and I’ve been consciously tempering that behavior.

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I have only one use for a phone, emergancy calls. I have the cheapist, lowest minutes so I can call 911 or call a tow truck. I hate the fact that we have been forced to depend on phones. Just like we have been forced to depend on computers. It’s a huge mistake for all people.


Just my two cents: Please keep in mind that the classic phone call is real-time, two way communication. I consider myself a quick writer (at least on computer keyboards), but the outcome of a 5 Minute phone call with a person I want to contact is usually way more productive than any written one, being it instant messaging or this thing people call eMail.

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This is certainly true, and I do enjoy face-to-face contact or even video calls that I’ve arranged in advance with people.

One thing that I dislike is being interrupted by unplanned contact. I don’t see a point for that in my life at this time. I respect that others find it invaluable.

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Thing is that some stuff I need in writing. As word against word is worthless in today society.

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i also prefer everything in writing.

…and many phone calls i get from customers are a huge waste of time. i think sometimes this is a generation gap thing or the difference between staff of a bigger company and freelancers. they are used to long pointless meetings, calls,… but a freelancer often doesn’t have time for that…

during longer calls where people don’t get to the point i am often thinking: please structure your thoughts beforehand and write them into a mail! :slight_smile:

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I too, it’s been years since I just installed whatsapp on my phone … in case contact me some intimate friend, for the rest my phone is so silent and peaceful … hehehe

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I don’t think it’s a “generation gap” thing but more of a big-company/small-company thing. I feel the same way as you do but if you’re gonna work as a freelancer you have to factor in this “lost time”. Unfortunately that’s just the way it is and unlike you many people can’t get straight to the point or (pertaining directly to you, freelancer) don’t have a clear idea of what’s needed. That’s part of your job. You’re not at the deli counter slicing lunch meat, you’re translating ideas and concepts into form.

I too prefer everything in writing…for diverse reasons! :wink:

Back to the original program…

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Anyone knowing more or going for

I can feel you on this, I refuse to own a cell phone, I only turn on my landline when I’m making an out going call and all other correspondence is done either via email or snail mail.

Well I hate “the phone” in general… could have something to do with the fact 99% of all calls are scams. Never had a smart phone or cell phone, never needed one. If someone demands one, I tell them to F off.

When a site signup tells me to enter a phone number, I enter my phone number and it tells me “Invalid Phone Number” so I say “screw 'em”. Guess their system can’t use a regular phone (doesn’t google allow a regular phone?), and I refuse to pay over a $100 / year on phone service. I tried with a cheap SMS capable prepaid flip phone once and it still said “Invalid Phone Number” despite the SMS working perfectly otherwise ($20 down the toilet).

As for 2FA, I prefer the offline hardware solutions. Like those little keyfob style authenticators, push a button to get a code and enter it. Simple internal clock with battery that lasts for 7-10 years or whatever. The fact that it is offline and never interfaces with external devices makes it a lot more secure. I am more than willing to pay for these types of authenticators.

So many sites any more require you have one of 4 things to make an account: Google account, a Failbook account, a Shitter account, or an SMS capable phone (without an “Invalid Phone Number”). The SMS phone requirement usually pops up *after* you have already verified your email. Lucky for me I have the google account, because I created it back before they required a phone to sign up (mid-late 2000s).

All these requirements seem to be geared more towards the “big data” industry than preventing “spam accounts” or providing security.

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I believe that behind this “hatred of smarhphones, or rather the current use, which is an accumulation of social networks and robbery of our data, and a totally vampire control tool” there are souls who have experienced “the bad” and now we are preparing for the next evolutionary step, towards more useful, efficient and harmonious environments.
So by this, considering myself among “the precursors who have experienced this phase” … the rest of the mass of people will, growing, reach our own conglusions …
I am optimistic about this. we are only among the first who are starting this new phase …

People using cell phone are evil proof here : https://nypost.com/2019/06/20/young-people-are-growing-horns-from-cellphone-use-study/

The end is near…:rofl:

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if this article is true …
more than anything else, I’m fascinated by how genes take the initiative to adapt to new habitats …
damn we’re aliens. :face_with_monocle::alien:

Ugh. This past weekend I’ve been going through a lot of financial-legal stuff and my cell phone has been necessary. I still hate it though. Like someone mentioned, maybe I can bring the cell phone and the cell phone plan down to the brass tacks and do all of my “real” communicating via. PC or laptop-pad convertible.

Yes it’s true it was all over the news last week! I can easily see religious folks burning cell phone user after societal collapse!

Someone will probably make a movie out of this! :sweat_smile:


Who needs to burn cell phones when they have lipo batteries so cheap that they can randomly burn and explode on their own? :crazy_face:

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Good one! :rofl:

I put my money where my mouth is recently and ditched the smartphone, opting for a good 'ol flip-phone (using Ting wireless).

I’ve been struggling with internet addiction for a number of years (actually the better part of a decade if I’m being honest) and decided enough was enough. The flip-phone, and Cold Turkey on the desktop, so far has been helping.

I found when going to sleep or during idle times, all the stuff I’d scanned online (sports drama, movie and videogame news, etc) was going through my head as opposed to thoughts about my own creative work or family life. Not good!

So far I haven’t felt I’ve been missing out on anything, but there are some very real withdrawals symptoms (irritability, mainly) . It’s a drug, like any other. You’ve got to kick it with actionable steps.

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