I HATE the new forum (More each day)

Is there any instructions on how this forum works now. I’m guessing “pages” is now longer a thing. How do we go to the last comment on a thread now? I went to the Blender 2.8 Development thread, which has like 4,000 comments. It took me to like comment 1,800 when I clicked the thread and I have to scroll for like 30 minutes to try to find the last comment. So far the forum doesn’t seem very user friendly now.


There’s a ‘navigator’ on the right side of the page that allows you to quickly jump to any point in the conversation.


Well that escalated quickly. I love it :slight_smile:


I’m not having any luck finding this, lol Are you talking about the blue box that shows the comment you are on in the bottom right of screen?

edit: If I click that box, I get the option of “jump to” ,but it does nothing when I click it.

No, depending on your screen resolution it can look like this:

or like this;

4 posts were split to a new topic: Some posts are missing?

Yeah, I think we are talking about the same thing. I’m on my iPad so it looks different. I think I finally figured it out.

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I agree with the title of this thread. Perhaps I’ll grow to like it, but it feels slow and clicky at the moment, and it’s not easy on the eyes at all.
I’m hoping it’s just due to the work being done currently to get it working, I’m not sure I could enjoy visiting if it remains so all over the place, the design for mobile devices is an awful compromise. Sorry for the negativity, please prove me wrong.


It will always be slower (well, until global infrastructure gets updated)… that’s the Live part about it… always in Flux, constantly loading, editing, refreshing… it’s too early for utopia

also what’s with the POST LIMIT??? 22h? New Member???

Please keep in mind that the server is currently rather overloaded - we have a lot of reprocessing happening in the background, and people are clicking like crazy! The site is experiencing 3x more traffic than usual.


I assume it’s most likely appearing as so much traffic for now users/members are forced to give 3x more attention/clicks/running around to comprehend what already became almost a habit…

also, what’s with the number of POSTs LIMIT??? For 22hours???

yes… only way to quasi communicate is to edit posts

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Im a bit baffled of the sudden change, i did see a summary but i saw that 2 weeks as well. Now today bam im in the new layout. I havent tested it a lot so i cant complain that much i guess.

I do notice that im missing that cog wheel and pagination i saw in an image in the top of this thread. Im on OSX using latest Chrome and i do see the navigation to the right. Yet i dont see that cog wheel???

Also server response is really slow compared to the old one. I find that weird, why not first get everything working properly and then switch. I wanted to upload an image to let you see that im missing that cog wheel yet i get an error when uploading an image. When uploading it already shows 100% yet nothing happens and an error popups after a while.

PS where are all the old attachments. When i add one, we used to get a menu with all attachments added, a sort of personal library. This was probably a big issue and has been an issue before where they where suddenly deleted and later put back. I must admit i never really clean it and perhaps there should be a better limit on it. The downside is probably when you delete it the link will be broken in post it was for.

Not sure which cog wheel you’re referring to - can you post a screenshot? Uploading may be a bit hard right now as the server is very busy - it has to catch up with a lot of reprocessing. More information here: Known issues with the new site

Discourse only knows attachments in posts - it has no concept of a personal library. We’re not a storage platform, there are better solutions for that.

I cant upload anything so i can show it. but ill try to deeplink it. Here you show 2 image of the the pagination/comment navigation system. In your screen shot it shows a cog wheel on top. I dont see that here on OSX running latest Chrome

Well this system was super handy if you needed to quick find attachments and perhaps re-attach them, whatever. Are all of these attachments brought over in old posts, i mean did old attachments get transferred?
I also found it handy that i could see what i posted, made me remind to check old post and questions i asked and never got anwsered.

+1 to the thread title. I hate this format. It is the primary reason I stay away from Cubebrush, and now I suppose it will mean I stay away from here as well. Oh well.


Ahh nevermind, i understand that pagination now. I did a quick dev tools view on a page in Chrome and noticed that scroll navigation, it works a bit like a TOC (Table of content). I actively shows progress on the page, nice feature! Though i also noticed its not always “sticky”. Meaning it did always show at the bottom.

i hate the infinity scroll. pages are how i keep track of what post i last saw. plus, the realtime loading makes it way to buggy feeling.

the main page looks way to cluttered. all the topic are scattered every which way. what happened to good old left align, new line?

the reply box is going drive me bonkers, i dont need a real time preview. especially not on a phone. cant we keep the box at the bottom of the page to type into? ok, i just figured out how to hide the preview. but the box still takes up all 5.5 inches of my screen. i cant even see the post im replying to.

the text is WAY TO BIG. and i have a 5.5 inch screen, 1920x1080 with display scaling off, so the rest of my phone interface is tiny. this site feels im back on a 4 inch ipod touch 4.

when i click on a topic, i dont want to get whipped to the bottom. i want to see the first post.


Good point with the floating text box on mobile. I would like to scroll away from it, too.
But I don’t think the text is too big. The answer text has the smallest font in your screenshot.
I also didn’t experience any problems with the scrolling to the first new post, it always does what it is expected to. Scrolling to the bottom, if I read all posts before, staying at the top, if I did not.

not necessarily the text size in the box, but the whole forum. everything is too big and clunky.

i even have to scroll side to side sometimes.

thread titles dont fit on one line.

but the one thing that improved, i can upload from my phone now. FTW :slight_smile:

ok, happy feeling gone… stupid auto smilys

Yes, this is a really unfortunate layout for mobile devices. Seems like that page is not correctly adapted.

I get this view in the categories list, which is pretty good and useful formatted.