I HATE the new forum (More each day)

Humans are better with spatial memory than with numbers. I don’t know how it is for you, but when I’m trying to look something up in a book I once read, I typically know if it was more to the beginning, middle or end, and strange enough, I often know where on the page it was. Almost never do I remember the page number (I wish I did).

Without infinite scrolling, I can flip through forum pages in a similar way. I can grab the browser’s scroll bar and scan over a web page real quick, glancing the posts as they go by - this is quite similar to how I flip through a book.

In the infinite scrolling as implemented here, I can’t do that. When I grab this browser’s scroll bar, I don’t scroll through posts any more but after some threshold see things jump back and forth and update themselves while I’m reading them. That requires me to constantly go back and forth (triggering more jumps) to find the place that I was just looking at.

The forum’s own scroll bar/time line isn’t much help either - it doesn’t update the content until I release the mouse button. It is certainly useful to jump at a specific post when I either remember its date or its number, but it’s very bad if I look for something like “where did Cebbi post that screenshot of that cool model last month”.

It may be that I’m in the minority when it comes to using a forum like that.


@Fweeb, I wish my CSS wasn’t so rusty - last time I did commercial web pages was back when Netscape was a decent browser and Java Applet were a thing. For now, I think my time is better spent fixing Cycles bugs that attempting to be a designer.

For what it’s worth though, please take not that I’m not talking about making things look more aesthetic or ‘pretty’. What I’m referring to are objective, measurable improvements to usability by following basic HCI principles. Good UI is not so much a matter of taste, it is it’s own research discipline.

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No doubts. Though since there are multiple people working on CSS rules, it might be a good idea to pipe up in their threads (or, again, make a separate thread altogether) so that suggestions like these don’t get lost.

Actually… you know what? I’ll dig back in this thread and find that post of yours. If I recall correctly, it didn’t have a lot of extraneous bits to it. I’ll split that out to its own topic.

Edit: I’m an idiot. You already made the thread a while ago

It already is: Confusing button styling

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Your big post demostrated that target is small messages. The j & k keys fall short with it, you can jump to it with them, but then must use arrows or mouse to keep on reading.

Except when those sites start reordering posts. Twitter at least does, last time I tried looking for info in one book publisher, it was messy. And IIRC it was for business reasons, not user wellness. If users’ mental model suffers, their problem. Engagement metrics FTW, or whatever the buzzword is today.

UIs were mostly solved by 2000, all was just a matter of polish at best, not a case for flipping everything upside down and going full cargo cult.

Be nice and share, that way those that can’t code it, at least can copy/paste the parts they find useful. Oh, I see you already shared one rule. Thx.

Or just have to put up with them because they don’t know any better. They, specially the old ones, will “happily” grumble that this computa-zing seems no improvement over past methods, and keep on. Until they hit a case in which someone tells them “the computer doesn’t let me” and the old ones will go full rant about how in the past they used brain, pen and paper to solve business issues instead of letting a piece of junk tell them what is possible.
Even you admit you put up with things at some point. Hehe.

This is where I’m up to: Playing around with a bit of custom theming

I’m running that on top of the current default light theme. It’s just a quick bash at something I can live with for now. Given that apparently the site is still in flux, it may break at any time.

Broad brush there man. I am an “old one”, yeah, I am definitely not a fan of the new look, sure. Don’t like change, computer-ma-wathcits? Umm, no, been in the coding game before the PC existed, yeah, that old, puched card, back when debugging involved black tape and a metal block to re-puch the instructions. Coded in everything from Incite, to C#. What I resent is having to drop to coding stuff myself to visit an online “forum” (or rather, with discourse, a discussion). I have to have a select browser, with specific addons and then throw code at it just to tidy things up. Yeah, sure, I could do that, but I’m supposed to be visiting here to read about Blender, not how to code CSS for optimal “forum” viewing. That is pretty much what irks me.

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So for all the talk of new tools and self policing, I realize now that I don’t really see anything. There’s a new post, I won’t say where, that is a clear and obvious spam shopping link, it wasn’t caught by the forum, how can I down vote, or flag this post? THe only button for flags is some type of ‘personal flag’?

What am I supposed to click on here?

You can use the :black_flag: icon for flagging…

The rollover text is maybe not as clear as it could be. “Privately flag this post for attention” could also be interpreted as “mark this post as interesting to me so that I can find or read it again later”.

If the flag icon triggers a notification to moderators, the help text could maybe instead say something like “report this post to moderators” or something like that.

I can change the text, but I doubt people will mistake a ‘flag’ icon for a ‘bookmark’. And the flag icon can do more than just reporting to moderators - try it.

Hello, can you add “jump to last message” button? Slider thingy is not always accurate. Something like this:

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It’s kind of a pain ,but you can select “Jump to” and type in the last reply.

Click on the date/time indicator at the bottom of the slider (‘2h ago’) in your example

Ok fair enough, it does bring up a pop up menu with ‘Spam’ as an option. For starters, it’s hidden by default, with an expansion icon, that “expands” to 1 single option, which seems pointless. And yes the tool tip text is misleading.

Only one option? I see this:

I’m talking about the default buttons. It’s like making a menu with 1 option. BY hiding the flag button, you have actually made it more difficult for users to flag than on the old site. Which had the flag button visible on every post.

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Ah good point! I’ve moved it out of the ‘…’ menu. Better now?


Now we’re cooking with oil! Thanks @bartv!

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Largest thread in just a few days, THIS IS A BAD SIGN !!
Width the potential of killing the most active Blender community.
May I suggest to create a survey ?. (as we cannot yet create surveys it seams)
Width the simple question:

  • I prefer the new site
  • I prefer the old site
  • No opinion.

Some long time members are telling they leave BA here in this thread this is quite serious guys, i know one of them as a developer. An active good working community is the most important part of opensource. Take a look at the Arduino forums, not high tech but its what made Arduino popular. If i where Ton, i’d put all my people off the 2.8 project and put them on this, cause this kills the community.

Without active community there is no future for Blender.

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