I HATE the new forum (More each day)

When do you need to underline text, unless it’s a hyperlink?

I sometimes use the underline in conjunction with bold text to create a heading or a prelude to a section of a post (such as in my sketchbook thread when I do it to denote the title of the image). The underline helps to differentiate it more and make it easier to spot (unless discourse has another way to do it that I have not found yet).

Also, how do you get a username with an avatar in the top of a quote block (I haven’t figured out how to do it yet)?

It seems to follow the CommonMark spec. Here is a reference for what all is available.


Underlined text? Like this.
Then also add strike out & images. Thanks.

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Ah, cool. So I guess BBcodes work too. I tell ya, this forum has a ton of surprises.



Highlight the text you want to quote and a button pops up to click. When you click it, it should include the avatar info. The bad side is it makes quote battles even easier.

Discourse is a good forum, I’m using it for years.
Now in this particular case, I guess this forum just need some little tweaks to make it look more pretty and easy to spot things I guess…
As someone did here for example Comment background color separation for easy reading
I think this would make the forum more easy on the eyes… And more pleasing also.
At moment the forum looks unfinished…

Discourse is a curse, if you make the options like that, keep it y/n not y/y
Everyone should fill it in, at the point of login.
This seams now fanboy drivven, some penwriters wont give up, but the others…

I might end here as well


Add this ->59
to the list of inconsistent buttons then. Besides there being no indication that those are clickable buttons, just being low contrast symbols and text, there is no indication of which one opens a popup window and which one performs an instant action. I would have tried the flag icon if I had known that it wouldn’t flag things instantly but simply open a popup window.

Strange enough, the “delete post” button performs an instant destructive action without warning or confirmation dialog. It is in the same row and styling as the “like”, “share link” and “flag” buttons which either open a popup window or are reversible actions.

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So far, I haven’t seen any underlined hyperlinks in this forum. Instead, most links are just bold text or gray plain text. In fact, underlining may be the one style that isn’t being used for links in Discourse.

Note, I’m not trying to complain here, I’m pointing out the exact details what make Discourse feel awkward. It breaks with common conventions and is at odds with users’ expectations. I have come to expect that scrollbars work a certain way, that underlined text is a hyperlink, that buttons have a border, that grayed out icons are inactive icons and that plain text is just plain text. None of these assumptions holds true at the moment.

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yeah, this is something I never figured out either.

Just highlight the text you want to quote and click the ‘quote’ button:

[quote=“bartv, post:143, topic:1109751”]
Just highlight the text you want to quote and click the ‘quote’ button:
[/quote] testing

That didn’t work. Quote stayed as text.

Worked for me when looking at the post preview at least.

Edit, it works for me, click it once and make sure you don’t change anything in the top line of the quote block. Also start your text on a line below the quote block just to be sure.

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I’d like to address this directly. Please remember that BlenderArtists is not associated with the Blender Foundation or the Blender Institute at all. This site is run, managed, and funded independently. Ton couldn’t put developers on this site he he wanted to (though, as noted in the CSS test threads that folks are making, we’re more than happy to take suggestions from anyone).

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Fweeb, you looked better on the old forum avatar, here you’re someway round-head, an that “ba” over your mustaches do hurt.:smiley:

Jokes aside, take this as plead the cause of a bigger, squared avatar image.


You would like to have a survey and what would you do when you have the result? The old forum doesn’t exist anymore because it became painful to maintain. What if the result shows that everyone prefers the old one?
What the long time members are telling really doesn’t matter. This new platform exists since a few days only and plenty of small corrections have already been made. How about getting used to it at least a little bit and getting a feeling for how you can use it in the way you want instead of blindly complaining?
There are of course some weaknesses compared to the old one, but it could as well be that you are getting used to this other way. Let’s give it some time and let it settle.

The Blender community is not going to disappear because of this forum! It works remarkably well on the technical side. And the whole transfer of the old data went really smooth. I expected way more issue than what I hava seen. They really did a fantastic job on it. I am not asking anyone to praise them, but let’s at least be fair and try to use this forum for some time before complaining about each single thing that is different compared to the old one.


I experienced discourse in libsdl.

Comparing to BA, libsdl is tiny, short thread, not more than 20 post per thread and not many videos or images in a thread.

Logged in but not logged in bugs exist in libsdl too.

To get me to this post 146, took me awhile… with lots of loading…

HA! Guess I need to go in and tweak my avatar image a bit. :slight_smile:

There’s a ton of things that annoyed me about the old forums, so I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say I like the new forum. I certainly don’t like every bit of it, but listing all the faults would be moot.

That was inevitable. People don’t really hate the new forum itself, they hate change and getting adapted to it.

It’s like the New Coke: It tested better than the old one in focus groups, but the thought of having it replaced drove people mad.

Even people that would in theory like the new forum don’t like change. The people that don’t care aren’t going around telling everyone, because they don’t care. Therefore, the bulk of the feedback is negative to neutral.

I don’t think think so. Blenderartists just got itself an entire new avenue of users posting about how they dislike Discourse!


I’m not a fan of the new site myself… Too much like Blender Cookie’s support thing for one, and it’s just too confusing overall. I’m sure if I spent the time to try to understand everything about the site, I would come to enjoy it, but I’m merely a lurker for the most part. I visit to look for work, or see other people’s renders occasionally.
That said, my lack of more regular presence really voids my opinion, as the site should be shaped according to the wishes of it’s more dedicated users.

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