I HATE the new forum (More each day)

(obsurveyor) #328

Any chance we could get a link to that next to bookmarks when you click your badge in the upper right or somewhere else appropriately quick? That’s 4 clicks to get to. I could Greasemonkey it in myself but then I have to make sure that’s on all my browsers and I still can’t get to it quickly on mobile.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #329

I’ll see what I can do. How about in the hamburger menu?

(obsurveyor) #330

Anything that’s down to one or two clicks to get to(with no page loads) would be great!

(iceythe) #331

If you’re on PC, there are keyboard shortcuts you can hit to access bookmarks (‘g’, then ‘b’). Incredibly quick and useful. Shame I can’t remember them. Anyway, you’ll find shortcuts in the uh I refuse to call it a hambu-

(obsurveyor) #332

Bookmarks aren’t the same as the Tracking/Watched thread lists.

(iceythe) #333

Didn’t realise there was a practical difference. Thanks. You can use https://blenderartists.org/latest?state=watching if you feel old-school.

(blenderaptor) #334

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