I HATE the new forum (More each day)

(Bart Veldhuizen) #122

Only one option? I see this:

(Photox) #123

I’m talking about the default buttons. It’s like making a menu with 1 option. BY hiding the flag button, you have actually made it more difficult for users to flag than on the old site. Which had the flag button visible on every post.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #124

Ah good point! I’ve moved it out of the ‘…’ menu. Better now?

(Photox) #125

Now we’re cooking with oil! Thanks @bartv!

(Geographic) #126

Largest thread in just a few days, THIS IS A BAD SIGN !!
Width the potential of killing the most active Blender community.
May I suggest to create a survey ?. (as we cannot yet create surveys it seams)
Width the simple question:

  • I prefer the new site
  • I prefer the old site
  • No opinion.

Some long time members are telling they leave BA here in this thread this is quite serious guys, i know one of them as a developer. An active good working community is the most important part of opensource. Take a look at the Arduino forums, not high tech but its what made Arduino popular. If i where Ton, i’d put all my people off the 2.8 project and put them on this, cause this kills the community.

Without active community there is no future for Blender.

(AFWS) #127

Never mind

(Thies Schulz-Holland) #128

Ah, well. IMHO this thread could use a little less hyperbole. “The end is nigh!” - come on…

Let’s have a look at this thread: Yes, there is quite a lot of posts here, but only by 40 or so different users. Subtract from that the moderators and the few people that actually said that they don’t hate the new forum layout and you’re left with thirty-odd harsh critics. In a forum that had 5.7K active users in the last 7 days…

Also worth mentioning is that negative voices always tend to be more vocal than the silent majority, which is (more or less) OK with things and will not consider a new forum layout a dealbreaker. So, quite frankly, I fail to see the future of this community at stake here…

Why don’t we all let things sink in for a bit and give the new guy a chance?
And by the way: As far as I understand it going back to the old forum software simply is not an option.

After all, the switch to Discourse was quite openly discussed here for almost three years!

(xrg) #129

Is Discourse…

  • A Great Forum?
  • The Greatest Forum of All Time?

0 voters

Choose wiseley :wink:

(burnin) #130

Mind never… Strangely (not) after setting preferences to occlude everything that can be occluded & never to notify me (do not disturb) am back to checking stuff that is of my interest.

Few, small visual improvements (better organized, less clustered with rndm colors) also helped a bit.

edit: Removing Users from the Latest Topic menus List, would also improve things further :wink:

I LOVE new kids on the block. Gonna suck your blood now, weaklings :vampire:t3:
Keep complaining… it’s your own fault you fell, Icarus.

(Ace Dragon) #131

Regarding all of the complaints about the forum, my opinion on this is there are things about it that are pretty good and things that could use a bit of tweaking if possible.

The Good things so far.

  • The way the forum displays links to articles on other sites is something that is informative and innovative (I’ve never seen this done before).
  • Other things like videos are automatically taken care of for you without needing special tags
  • The list making functionality is better and spacing is possible now
  • The recent post list can make it easy to stay tuned in to active threads

Could use tweaks

  • Having square avatars that are larger in size would be nice to see (considering this is a forum frequented by artists and how the average computer monitor is now at 1080p or above
  • If possible, maybe combine the slider thingy with pages (but larger pages than the old forum).
  • We need the ability to edit our opening posts in threads, if anyone starts to abuse it, then that should be where the moderation tools come in
  • Having signatures back could be nice (even if this time they are in a small font like in one of BA’s previous iterations).
  • Can we have the ability to underline text back?

So there’s some areas where the user experience has indeed move forward, but it’s not a move as far forward as it can be.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #132

That’s a great list, thanks!

Can you help me understand this request though:

When do you need to underline text, unless it’s a hyperlink?

(Ace Dragon) #133

When do you need to underline text, unless it’s a hyperlink?

I sometimes use the underline in conjunction with bold text to create a heading or a prelude to a section of a post (such as in my sketchbook thread when I do it to denote the title of the image). The underline helps to differentiate it more and make it easier to spot (unless discourse has another way to do it that I have not found yet).

Also, how do you get a username with an avatar in the top of a quote block (I haven’t figured out how to do it yet)?

(xrg) #134

It seems to follow the CommonMark spec. Here is a reference for what all is available.


(burnin) #135

Underlined text? Like this.
Then also add strike out & images. Thanks.

(xrg) #136

Ah, cool. So I guess BBcodes work too. I tell ya, this forum has a ton of surprises.



(xrg) #137

Highlight the text you want to quote and a button pops up to click. When you click it, it should include the avatar info. The bad side is it makes quote battles even easier.

(• I don't speak English "by default", so... 😉) #138

Discourse is a good forum, I’m using it for years.
Now in this particular case, I guess this forum just need some little tweaks to make it look more pretty and easy to spot things I guess…
As someone did here for example Comment background color separation for easy reading
I think this would make the forum more easy on the eyes… And more pleasing also.
At moment the forum looks unfinished…

(Geographic) #139

Discourse is a curse, if you make the options like that, keep it y/n not y/y
Everyone should fill it in, at the point of login.
This seams now fanboy drivven, some penwriters wont give up, but the others…

I might end here as well

(Stefan Werner) #140

Add this ->59
to the list of inconsistent buttons then. Besides there being no indication that those are clickable buttons, just being low contrast symbols and text, there is no indication of which one opens a popup window and which one performs an instant action. I would have tried the flag icon if I had known that it wouldn’t flag things instantly but simply open a popup window.

Strange enough, the “delete post” button performs an instant destructive action without warning or confirmation dialog. It is in the same row and styling as the “like”, “share link” and “flag” buttons which either open a popup window or are reversible actions.

(Stefan Werner) #141

So far, I haven’t seen any underlined hyperlinks in this forum. Instead, most links are just bold text or gray plain text. In fact, underlining may be the one style that isn’t being used for links in Discourse.

Note, I’m not trying to complain here, I’m pointing out the exact details what make Discourse feel awkward. It breaks with common conventions and is at odds with users’ expectations. I have come to expect that scrollbars work a certain way, that underlined text is a hyperlink, that buttons have a border, that grayed out icons are inactive icons and that plain text is just plain text. None of these assumptions holds true at the moment.