I HATE the new forum (More each day)

(Cebbi) #163

You can disable automated tracking by changing the highlighted obtions to “never” and “normal”:

And yes, it works great for me, but you could have asked a bit friendlier. We’ll gladly help you out with the forum settings, even more so, if it’s nice to talk to you.

(draguu) #164

hey bart ,

nice update :slight_smile:

though i dont liked infinite scrolling ,but i think it might take some time to get used to it ,


(Ace Dragon) #165

There is a major area where the suggested topics feature falls down, and that is it very often suggests very old threads from many years back. As a result, it could encourage a situation where thread necromancy becomes a common occurrence.

To solve that, I would have it not suggest threads more than several months old (because bumping old topics to the top was frowned upon in BA’s earlier iterations and I don’t think it has changed).

(Bart Veldhuizen) #166

I expect the suggested topics to start improving as discourse learns which kind of topics you like to read.

(Kologe) #167

Sorry for the ranting.
With regards to the tracking stuff, I had set those settings you mentioned to what you suggested (seems logical) a few days ago. Didn’t seem to take much effect though. But as I come to think about it, maybe I just had the tracking creep up on me again in threads I had visited earlier.
I suppose I’ll need to disable it in all those manually, right?

True indeed. And that’s also where the tracking clearly fails for me (like it claims unread posts and stuff).

Guess they really want to put machine-learning into everything, these days…
By the way, on more of a constructive note: Is it possible to have something like those speech-bubble-icons back we had left of each thread per category in the old forum? I liked how it indicated which contained new posts (or is that what the red ‘last visit’-divisor is trying to tell me?).

greetings, Kologe

(Bart Veldhuizen) #168

Yes; the information is available in the HTML; it just needs a #custom-theme to show it.

(AdeptusT) #169

It falls around things like cargo cult or argumentum ad populum. Something happens in A, which is very big/important/famous, so everyone else follows, without stopping to think if that “something” applies beyond A, or even is good at all. Same reason we ended with hard to discover buttons, tabs, menus (someone had to redefine everything… otherwise how do you innovate? /s).

(Gumboots) #170

I’m getting used to most of the new-fangled Discourse thang here, now that I’ve bitten the bullet and gone for custom presentation tweaks to suit myself, but I am still not madly chuffed about bloody infinite scrolling.

I can use it just fine, but for a site like this I still regard it as sub-optimal, and I would still prefer standard pagination. However, we is stuck with infinite bloody scrolling, and that’s that.

(Felix Kütt) #171

Well to be fair once we get to implementing a proper custom theme for the forums we might be able to implement some js customizations in addition to the css so since pagination is actually happening in the background some kind of option for pseudo paginated interface could be introduced through js means as a user option for the specific theme.

(Gumboots) #172

Might be possible, but might be more trouble than it’s worth. One post I linked to on another site said it took two weeks of reverse engineering and frigging around to implement standard pagination on Discourse.

Although I suppose, if someone asked nicely, that bloke might cough up some code. But he did it as default, with no infinite scrolling option. Combining the two as options may be a bit more of a mission than anyone here really wants to tackle.

I’m not that fussed. As I said, I can live with the infinite scroll. I’ll just swear about it every so often. :wink:

(Felix Kütt) #173

Yes but I’m not talking about full on pagination(which is what I think that post on meta.discourse.org was talking about) just front end touch ups that make thinks more familiar to people used to thinking in terms of pagination. Basically adding a ‘page’ counter to the time-line on the side and ‘page jump’ button to the alternative post/progress tracker.

(Gumboots) #174

Ah. I get it. Basically a “jump by X posts”, rather than pagination as such. That could work I suppose.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #175

How is that different from the current navigator which shows the post numbers?


(Felix Kütt) #176

Functionally it isn’t - I’m just saying we could add a user configurable(boolean on/off) option to add a ‘page tracking’ entry for those who are used to seeing something like that. Thats all.

Basically imagine 1 more line on top of the post counter saying ‘page 17’ in your screen shot.

(mbbmbbmm) #177

I totally agree with that. The rest of the new forum seems fine for me, but endless scrolling is designed as an attention trap and feels out of place here.

Edit: To help understand why some people might not like the scrollbar: It takes away an easy way to partition what I am reading. It takes more effort not scrolling down instead of not clicking the next page. In other words it becomes more work to maintain a healthy surfing behaviour (what ever that may be).

(AdeptusT) #178

One I read said 2 days, while official devs thought it would be 2 months.

(Gumboots) #179

Ok, if it can be done in two days that’s fine by me. But is anyone going to do it? It’s not something I’d be prepared to tackle.

(zanzio) #180

Has anyone tried the website with the zoom lvl set to 200%? The timeline adapts to become a small post counter that expands into a timeline when you click on it.

Here is what the website looks like when you zoom in:

Heres what happens when you click the page counter:

I feel the site looks better when the timeline works like this. Maybe this could be changed to the default configuration when users visit.

(Gumboots) #181

Hadn’t thought of trying that. It’s quite cute, but I’m not sure it would be an advantage for most people on standard zoom. If you have to click to expand, then click to go where you want to go, that’s extra clicking for no real gain.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #182

Agreed. Not sure what the advantage is.