I hate to be a n00b, but...

Ok, I have seen a fair ammount of these posts with the same basic format, but they do not have some of the things I have been needing answers for. I have found that there is a lack of Blender tutorials (at least for dail-up) and I need a few reccomendations for where to go to find stuff like:
How to use bones, armatures

  Intermediate-Basics for the game engine (I know the basic logic brick, that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge with the GE )

 Python Scripting 

 And anything else you think would be helpful

I can do modeling and animation, but I’m no master at it.
Any advice would be much appreciated!

O.K. I’ll post these again:


The reference for logic bricks, game engine etc.


This tutorial well run you through armatures, tracking, all kinds of things. Model is already built so you just do the set ups.


The python gamelogic methods.

If you want a book that costs about 30 dollars and is a little outdate get the official blender gamekit, from amazon or something. Still applies very well.

Thank you for your help, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Ok, I’v been workin on all that stuff. But now I have a couple of lttle questions again.

  1. How do I get the textures to run when I test the game.
  2. My characters keep… falling through the ground
  3. When I render things, how do you make them less shiny
  4. And, finally, I cannot figure out how to make seperate Ipo’s. It sounds stupid, but when I try to make one for another object, it just doesn’t work.

Once again any help would be appreciated

  1. Make sure that your draw type is texture. It’s that little box at the top of the button menu, also click the “texface” button in the materials section.

  2. Assign the plane a material.

  3. turn down the “spec” in the shader section of the materials menu

  4. As long as the object is selected, it will make an ipo for it. You just select a different object for a different IPO.

Just an extra to Answer 4

If you have created the objects by duplicating shift+D then they will all have the same ipo. So if you edit one ipo it changes all others.Before editing use the ipo drop down menu and “add new” Then it will be a unique ipo for that object.

Hope this is relevent

Dr S

For all you out there who want to learn it but weren’t helped:
Its the place to learn it! even the dumbest can learn it :wink:

I gratefully appreciate these kind of topic not only because the questioner is helped but along him so many others who where scared to ask.

everyone need a learning curve Dippimunch :wink: you’re not a n00b. noobs are people who think they can just suddely know everything in a minute or 5 and are mad they need a learning curve.