I have 2 planes and I want to change the color of only one?

I have 2 planes in grey.
But I want to change 1 plane to white.
However, when I try that, both change to white.
How do I only change one plane to white?


When you duplicate a model that has already a material, the duplicated model will use the same material as the original one.
That’s why when you change the color, it is the color of the material you change, meaning that then both model (using the same material), will have the color changing too for both.

To have the duplicated model featuring its own material instead of using the same one as the original model, click on the number there :

Once you have clicked, you’ll see the material name changing, that is now a new material and will then be unique to the selected model, and then you’ll be able to give it an unique color as it’s not sharing its material with the original model anymore.