i have 2 problems!

here is an update to my game im making http://www.mediafire.com/file/ru2ulq5xmo42c4t/test.blend

added a custom mousescript that i found on youtube
clickable jack lift buttons( not perfect but will do)
clickable light switch(my first problem)
clickable car( you can open/close the hood for right now/ this is my second problem)

with the light switch i cant figure out how to get it to turn off and on, right now i have set to end object when you click it

with the car hood(which will be the same as the trunk and doors) i used shape action/ key frames to get it to open and close but as you can see its not acting right. i want to get it so that you click the hood once and it opens and when you click it again it closes all in a smooth transition.

these are my to problems for now until i run into something i cant solve.
i value all input. thanks in advance

ok i solved the light problem but i still need help with the getting the hood to open and close

nvm i figured it out, all i had to do was set the shapeaction logic brick to ping pong and it worked.