I have a 3d question

at the moment, im on a p4 machine with a gig of ram, I can barely manipulate what I would consider to be a pretty simple model. aircraft. whats making it lag are the engines.

So naturally one would think. well, get a bigger and better computer.

I think even with a bigger computer, a full scene, with multiple objects, and an atmosphere, and people would lag.

So I`m thinking, well, what about in the past, when the system Im on WAS the best you could get.

How the hell did they manipulate (not render) big scenes and models…

I know compositing plays a trick. but just say, manipulating a fully textured titanic.

How did they do it?

Try shifting non-essential meshes to another layer, or even another file and append them as the need arises.

that’s what layers are for. Move different objects onto all your layers, and when your ready to render, get ready than shift select all the layers and render. Go out for some coffee and it’ll be done in no time. btw, your question is most certainly not 3D.


That question looks pretty 2d to me. Load it as text in blender and extrude it, then it will be a 3d question.

yeah, the secret is to use subsurf where you can in such a way you can keep the previewing of subsurf off, and modeling pieces of your object as separate objects, that have been organized into separate layers,
and you can even use the outliner to toggle the visibility of objects you don’t currently need to see.

Also take note of the fact that editing dence meshes lags more than just previewing them in object mode.

Organization is key.

Video card could also be bottle necking things somewhat. what type do you have?

I had a p4 (until just recently), and it could usually do 50,000 vertexes a layer before lag. So yeah, I learned to model low-poly for everything, and use layers. And I would imagine that when the p4 was the best, everyone else did too.

ati x600 Im totally aware its a piece of crap.

I wasnt looking for a solution really, I`ll upgrade soon enough anyway.

I was interested in, how big scenes were modelled with such little processing power.

However, in posting this, layers were suggested, which I guess has answered my question.

im still a n00b. :o

Don’t feel bad. Here’s my specs.

P4 3.0 ghz HT
Intel Extreme Graphics 2
512 mb RAM

I can still pack in about 100,000 polys before the lag slows me down. Render times aren’t too bad either. I think a better card would make alot of difference. Just make sure your power supply will push it.:smiley: