I have a armture problem I can't figure out how to fix, please help

I made an armature for a person model I did, but it’s but every time I bent his legs(and head) it stretch out and become longer and thinner, with or with out IK. I’ve encounter this problem before and I don’t understand why it’s happening
Could this be happening because of the weight paint? I tried to fix it with weight paint but couldn’t. Please help!


untitled.blend (588 KB)

Your armature is not uniformly scaled. (Currently at x-scale = 1.0, y-scale = 1.0, z-scale = 0.610.) If those numbers aren’t all equal, what you see is what happens. Thus, you need to apply the scale: Select your armature in object mode -> ctrl+a -> Scale.

Edit: Also, another tip: I noticed a bit of lag when moving the hands around with the IK targets (those two empties.) This is because the parent of the IK targets is the mesh, whose own parent is the armature. Blender isn’t good at working out complicated relationships like this; in this case, everything about the armature is evaluated first, then everything about the mesh, then everything about the empties… This means that your person’s hands will always be a frame behind where they’re supposed to be unless you refresh every frame.

To fix this, use new bones within the armature as IK targets for the hands (like you’ve done for the legs.) This should not only avoid the lagging problem, but will also be more convenient to animate.

Thanks for the help. That fixed it. :slight_smile: