I have a Big problem with blender

I am very disappointed with blender, I have been trying to use blender to create game character along with the engine irrlicht.

   There is nothing that blender exports that is right, when i export md2, nothing appears, when i export .x  the geometry is completely messed up, i have tried other plug in exporters, but nothing worked,   when i import obj, it sucked too.

  what is wrong with blender, i have been told that it is the best out there, but i am very disappointed with its capabilities in exporting objects with animations. 

    Is blender really this bad, but nobody thinks so ?????

the people that care enough write their own exporters

there aren’t many people working on IO scripts for blender, and the ones that do exist usually lack animation. Genreally the ogre xml export and md5 scripts are condsidered the most mature.

Have you contacted the author of the md2 script? He is fairly active in the forums and seems to appreciate feedback on his scripts…