I have a "cycle" animation, but I can't get it to move or something

I have a swim animation. It moves in place, but I don’t know how to get it to move forward or whatever. THe animation is just a swim cycle, but I also want it to swim past the camera while playing the swim animation. I’m clueless. :frowning: How do I set up a path?

Also, how do I play my animation as a movie and play it without blender? Thanks.

Just add a curve/path in your scene and either select the root bone or the entire armature object and apply the Follow Path constraint . If you opt to add the constraint to the entire armature the constraint can be found in the Object context (F7) of the buttons window . If you select the root bone then it will show up in the Editing context (F9) .

Once you have the constraint applied just make sure to set the CurvePath option on in the Curve and Surface panel for the curve . Then simply press I with the root bone or armature selected and insert a Loc key at frame 1 . Now when you press Alt-A your character should follow the curve while swimming . You can make the duration of the animation longer by setting the PathLen value also in the Curve and Surface panel .

Thanks. How do I adjust the speed?

Open up the IPO window to adjust the speed. When you create a path, it automatically puts two keyframes in the IPO window, to give you an animation. You are stuck at 100 frames until you edit that.