I have a few questions about Blender, I also need help making a spaceship.

Im new to blender, but I have a little bit of experiance with Maya 7.0 I have both programs.

I have a drawing of a huge spaceship that I scanned into my computer. Its not the best, its not symmetrical, its really only a sketch. I want to somehow input that into the program.

How do people for example input the exact dimensions of a car, and make it look so symmetrical is it as simple as scanning the bluprints into the computer? Could that work for a 17km spaceship?

Essentially I want to take my spaceship and turn it into a 3D image… to give you better Idea… my ship is similar to a Star destroyer ship from the starwars films. but longer and bigger in size.

Also any advice, woluld help to, im a novice.

asuming ya using 2.57…
very helpful to read.

if its your creation u dont half to have drawing just model it

Thanks. any tips?

You have to use a graphic program (like The Gimp) to chop your drawing of the spaceship into plan views (i.e., side view, top view, bottom view, front view, rear view). For each plan view image file, you need to expand the border so that all the image files are square, and have the same width and height. (don’t re-size the images, just add whitespace around the image, keeping the images their original size). Image must be centered the same way.

I usually split the Blender window into four windows. I set the upper left to Top view (using the 7key), lower left to Front View (using 1key), lower right to side view (using 3key), and upper right to the camera view (select camera, hover over upper right view, 0key)

In each view, I use the view menu to open the Background dialog, and use that to load the appropriate plan view into the background (top plan into top view, etc.)

Now you can use the background as a plan while adding vertexes and objects.

You can find other details by searching this forum for the keyword “blueprints”

There is a tutorial here