I have a few questions about tracking.

I have been invited to do the special effects on a feature length film for a friend. It will require tracking peoples movements and I was wondering whether or not blender will be capable of this within the next couple of years. If anyone has any way to do this now, it would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Are you talking about full-body motion capture? That’s not possible yet. Blender is capable of tracking an object carried by a person.

Steve S

I did a few motion tracks since the feature was added to Blender. But I only know about tracking camera movement against the world, not the movement of an object in the video. You would likely need to make separate tracks for each object to determine the individual movement, and I doubt this is possible yet for multiple objects. In the future, I think and hope it might be added.

Still, I seen something which might prove me wrong. It’s a video showing a Blender track that adds an object on the ground as well as one in the person’s hand. The tracked person would likely need to have colored dots (on dark clothing) all over their body however.

well, wouldn’t it at least be possible to track individual parts of the body to separate objects and then parent them to some bones of a character?