i have a few questions that i need help with.

first of all im using gravity for a 3rd person game im making but at the beggining it is just bouncy up and down on the floor for like ten seconds. my second question is when i move my charicture into the wall its like hes pushing the wall! :-? and third and final question with the bounds (the circle going round him) what shape should it be becouse if i use the circle he stops like half a meter infront of what he should stop next to and how do u change the shape of it.


sorry another question how would i do this say i press a button and it will start a walk cycle but when i let go it will go back to his standing position


give the floor a material

[the bouncing for 10 seconds if there is no material probably is a bug, it should bounce forever]

as for the armature animation thing, multiple animations can be played at once, with the one with the lower [number] prority taking over the one with the higher [number] priority. you can blend into the animation too, or out

so, there are a few ways, always pulse the standing action and give the walking action a lower [number] priority, and just pulse the walking action when you are walking…

there are other, [perhaps better ways], but they all would use that principle

thanks that fixed the bouncing thing but i dont get what u mean by “a lower number”


u cannot change the boundary limits only if you go into the bounds buttons and set too box or something but it wont change the circle around him. as for the wall have you set it to actor or something?