I have a general question about Blender?

I always wanted to know what people thought of this. Hey, if it’s a stupid question! At least it’s out.

Hookay, so imagine you have 2 cubes in your scene and that’s it!
Now, you point your camera towards one of the cube and render the scene:
You have a white background with a grey cube.

Here is my stupid question. I know that blender has to calculate the white background
and the first grey cube in order to show it to us. But the second cube that is not in the image
but still in the background. This second cube… which has no effect at all in your final image; it
does not emit light, it does not cast a shadow (second cube) and so on…

My question is, does blender calculate the second cube and it’s whereabouts even though
it’s completely pointless in this case ( since I only took a render image of the first cube far away).

To make my question simpler. Imagine Blender is dude and he says, "Hmm well yeah I’ll render the background
white and this cube… no need to render and calculate the other cube because it’s not in the final image… it’s pointless!

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Dig in. Here, too.

I’m not exactly sure but I would expect so. Blender is not the most efficient program on the planet and would calculate the light bounces paying no relative attention to where the camera is. Good question though, not a stupid one.

Sure Blender calculates that cube if its on the layer you want to render. Blender must know how to render that cube, it doesnt know that beforehand, like you do :slight_smile:

For some reason I kept thinking of: “If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If you’re using Cycles, yes. The second cube my not me seen by you but light rays bouncing off it it, might hit the first cube and thus have a contribution to the image.

However, most non GI renderers like BI can discard data that doesn’t fall with in the view. As long as you’re not ray tracing. That’s when it has to take the entire scene into account.

What I’m saying is: the second cube has ABSOLUTELY-ZERO NOT AFFECT ON THE SCENE WHATSOEVER. Why would blender render the second cube?

I’m saying, no light is bouncing off the second cube. The second cube is not interacting AT ALL.

It depends on what you mean by “calculating” the cube.

If it’s hidden behind another opaque object, then the renderer will figure this out and not compute any shading on the hidden cube. However, figuring out if the cube is hidden or not is something that needs to be computed too, so of course it is involved in some computation to determine that. How soon it can be discarded depends on the rendering algorithm and scene setup, but shading is definitely skipped.

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Yes. If you turn off all bounce light and reflections and the second cube does not cast any shadows on the scene in any way then yes, the second cube does not get rendered at all. If no ray hits it, no calculations are done. Ray tracers only trace what it in the view. However, in most regular situations things outside the view may still interact in other ways besides just primary visibility.

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The reason it is still calculated is that Cycles can’t know it contributes nothing until it after calculates it, and at that point it is too late to skip it. Now you can make the engine try and guess ahead of time the object will contribute nothing and possibly ignore it in some steps, but you can’t just categorically say “this contributes nothing”.

Also, it could still be visible in reflections, or cast shadows or GI back into the scene. Unless you turned all of that off for some reason, in which case you should’ve just turned off render visibility for the object and done the optimization yourself.

okay, this could be also stupid but would be helpful if we get like “it is a BI / Cycless discussion”, and also a file to work over.

Because I know cycles would consider the second box, and BI probably would consider the second box to cast a shadow depending on the light direction.

The fact that the render is showing a white BG kinda annoys me because i have no information if the world was changed, or if it is geometry, or if OP made the mistake to consider white as blank.

I dont know, for me the topic is somehow misleading due to lack of information on what we are “working” on it, tho it seems interesting.

How does Cycles know the cube has zero effect? It calculates it. Fortunately, the calculation happens pretty fast since the result is zero. I tried running your scenario, and having the second cube in the scene added 0.03 seconds to the render, which is negligible.

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