I have a huge problem.

How do I locate my saved files? The other day I downloaded a campfire scene off of a site, because I’d planned on using it in one of my own scenes. See the problem is when I go to open up my files they’re not there. All that’s there is the campfire scene. I had several WIPs and a few finished projects. If anyone knows the solution to my problem please post.

Seriously, you must check that you are not saving your files by pressing the “Delete” button - that’s most of your problem right there !

Ok - If you are on Linux, type “ls -a” to see all files - even hidden ones. If you are on another O/S fish around for ‘hidden’ attributes.

If that’s not it - check that you hard-disk is not bad.

If that’s not it - ask yourself if you know how to use a computer at all.


on windows you could use the search function to search for all files named .blend

You can use wildcards such as : .blend (search for all blend files) or test.blend (all blend files beginning with “test”). Other wildcards (left over from DOS Command Line calls) such as ? can also be used.