i have a litle problem with the "Property" button please help

I’m tryng to make a timer and i found some advice on the web:
create an Empty “time”

add the Property’s’ “Timer” (time) and Int (100ths) to it

add a Sensor: Property “time” Changed, linked to an AND Controller, then to an Actuator: Property “100ths” Add “4”.

Untill here i should have a timer with hundreds of a second, but i dont:mad:. I only have the default timer. Next:

Add 2 Property’s’ Int " T’ " (for the minutes) and " T" " (for the seconds).

add another Sensor: Property "100ths" = 100 _____Linked with a new AND Controller__Linked with_2 Actuator's': Property "100ths", Assign, "0" and " T" ", Add, "1"

[LEFT] add _ Sensor: Property " T" " = 60 _____Linked to _a new AND Controller _____Linked to _2 Actuator’s’: Property " T" ", Assign, “0” and " T’ ", Add, “1”.

Untill here i shoulde have seconds and minutes. And it’s not working.[/LEFT]

This is the link were i found help: http://abjedi.free.fr/index.php3?language=en&section=tut&tut=gbtut3

[LEFT]So is it really posible to create a timer without scripting?:slight_smile:

Also a second question:

I created a text according to this tutorial:[/LEFT]


[LEFT]and it dont work either. This is waht i did:[/LEFT]

. create plane
Download the fontwith .tga extension
assing the image to the plane using UV
enabled Tex , Text, Alpha in plane settings
add property Int - Named Text - 9951
press P and nothing:no:

I tryed with D pressed - nothing just shows the default text up in the corner.
I selected show debug propertys, i deselected. It’s not working :frowning:


Hi ,

you can find a game I made here:

look at the scene called HUD, and rightclick on the timers number (not on the word timer)…

all of the timer logic is there…

it is set to tick off only seconds, but if I wanted it to do 1/10th of a second I would just add the value .10 rather than 1 for the ticker.