I have a little problem with decals...

I’m messing about with decals right now because I’m going to use it for a level on a game I’m creating in Unity.

In the level I’m making, I’m hoping to have damaged walls and grafitti everywhere, however, the wall texture I’m using isn’t very big, but it’s seamless, every face displays the entire texture, so if I were to add damage or grafitti to the texture, it would keep repeating, and wouldn’t look convincing, so I’m looking into adding decals instead.

I’m trying add decals by adding a second UV layer and adding the decal to that, in blender it works perfectly, I tried giving a cube the test grid texture and gave one of the faces a damaged wall-like decal in a second UV layer, and the results came out as expected, as you can see.

However, when I exported the texture to Unity, and applied the texture, the decal seemed to have replaced the base texture:

I’ve tried playing about with settings, and it doesn’t change anything.

How do I fix it?

If I can’t, is there another method of adding decals that works on Unity, preferably as simple as the one I’ve used?

I don’t know anything about Unity , but can you bake your textures in blender then use the resulting texture in Unity??

hedheld is right - you can just bake all the textures to one uv mapped image with Blender, that way you only need load the one texture

Okay then, but the texture I’ve used for the wall is tiny, it’s meant to be repeated. For example, if a wall has 10 faces, the wall texture is repeated 10 times, and the grafitti etc. is the one texture spread across the entire wall. How can I bake them?

You could look into Unity society for this - it is covered here e.g.

That seems a little too complex for me, I think I’ll just bake the textures instead…

Is it possible to bake textures with the way I’m doing the textures? I’ve only baked textures onto a similar sized textures, can you bake a big texture onto a smaller one and make it bigger (or rather, zoom out, have it repeat)? How do I do it?

I think it is simple in that you set up your object with materials that have all the textures as they should be in blender render - meaning they are already exactly as you want them to be. Using either an existing uv layer for unwrap or a new one, add a blank texture at the scale you want to use and then bake all textures to that image, and save it. Voila, a single texture that has the mapping how you want it - and for the record, try the new painting options in blender with stencil and masking, you won’t be disappointed. Instead of setting a texture and hoping it repeats - use the tiled option to get that repeat automatically. Single use in areas based on camera angle? Use stencil.

It worked great! I had a couple of problems, though, it it took over an hour to do (even when setting the bake to just “textures”), and that it replaced every other texture with the tear decal. Is there anyway to avoid the latter from happening?