I have a MSI gt70 Laptop, I can't seem to be able to activate GPU Processing

I recently bought a MSI laptop,
It’s a Gt70, it’s running on Windows 8, and it’s featuring a GTX 780 M GPU.
That was one of the main reason why I bought it.
But when I launch blender 2.8 and go to the preferences menu to check the “GPU processing” option.
Blender doesn’t seem to recognize my Gpu.
My Nvidia drivers are updated, and other applications recognize my Gpu and are able to compute with Cuda.
Only Blender doesn’t seem to work.
What should I do to make it work?
Does it mean the GTX 7xx series are not supported by Blender?

I was able to figure out about the solution by myself !
In fact, as I always use the .zip version of Blender, usually I was puting it some random folders on one of my disk.
But it seems that to make it work with Windows 8 x64, I had to put the blender folder in the “Programs” folder.
So now it works perfectly !