I have a new homepage

I will just say that I have updated my homepage(still working on to get it better)
You can read about the contest and download textures,link to tuturials,pytontuturials…much more

Your site is realy a blender looking site, but please take an other provider and not a free thing, 7 pop ups at the beginning is a bit to much i think…

I am working on that.
This site is just temperarly :wink:
I will get a Domane…soon I hope with out pop ups
thank you for looking annyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting up the screens!

The snowboarding looks cool, the caves look great too, shame I couldn’t play it…

I still have to make my site…gah…

Nor.J the site looks like a real blender website. I also made some notes to hang them into oure supermarked asking for a old pentium2, 300 mhz and around 128 MB ram to use is as a webserver. I hope I can get one this year. Because so many people are buying a pentium4 now and just put the old ones away, while they are good webservers. :smiley:

Alot like my old comp sat beside me?

I don’t know alot about servers and all that kinda stuff, I didn’t know could use it as a webserver…

I will lay it out fore a .blends(.exe) if you want??

That’d be great!
If it’s not too much trouble of course…

here it is(9mb or something) :wink: