I have a problem in the textures .. pleas help me..

HI …

I set the setting for my view like the under picture … but my problem is the object appears with White color … no with color that i set in the material window… any one can know the solving??
Thank you very much…and sorry for bad languge…

Seems strange, could you post the blend file, something else must be wrong !?

MBA: you’re looking at your scene in the “textured” display mode. This means that is your object doesn’t have a texture linked to its UVs then it will show up white and the back sides of faces will also become see-through. You must have a UV texture to properly use this display mode.

I don’t think so, it looks like it is set to solid draw mode from the header, but then there is that set of buttons that allows you to set draw mode for individual objects. perhaps it was due to setting these buttons.

Yep, seems dlax are on to something. The object is uv-mapped, but no image assigned, that would show up white, if it were not uv-mapped the material colour etc. would show.