I have a problem tracking the camera...

When i first got blender and figured out to track the camera to an object, it was with control T. I recently upgraded, and now it doesn’t track when I do the control T hotkey.
If someone has an answer to this problem, please tell me, is it the upgrade? or is my mac just being stupid?
Please reply, thanks

The hotkey is still Ctrl+T. It brings up a Make Track menu with options for “TrackTo Constraint,” “LockTrack Constraint” and “Old Track.” The constraint will be applied to the selected objects, which will point toward the active object, which seems a little backward, but I guess it’s possible to quickly track multiple objects to the same target as a result.

The menu won’t come up if you’re not in object mode, or if you don’t have an active object… but beyond that I don’t know what the problem could be.

Alternately, you could just set up a Track To constraint in the F7 Object Buttons.

thanks, i’ll try that

umm wait, i tried that, and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything…

Ctrl+Tkey doesn’t seem to be doing anything, or the Track To constraint doesn’t seem to be doing anything?

Step by step:
-Hit F7 to bring up the Object buttons. You should see four panels – “Object and Links,” “Anim Settings,” “Draw” and “Constraints.” If you don’t see these panels, hit F7 again until you do.

-RMB select your camera.

-Under the “Constraints” panel, click “Add Constraint,” and choose “Track To” from the pop-up menu.

-Enter the (case-sensitive) name of your object (by default it’s probably something like “Cube,” or “Sphere.001,” depending on what primitive shape you started with… If you’ve changed the name, enter the name you gave your object) in the constraint’s “OB:” field.

At this point, your camera should point toward the object, but to make sure, check that “Target” is disabled, “VG:” is empty, “To:” is set to negative-Z ("-Z"), “Up” is set to “Y,” and both of the pop-up menus at the bottom are set to “World Space.” Also be sure that the “Influence” slider is set to 1.0.

thank you so much! It finally worked!

here’s my first animation thanks to you

kay, well, quicktime won’t upload, sorry