i have a problem with global objects python

hi i have a scene where you can play
and i have a scene with the name shop
now i made some python scripts
and i have Text property’s to the object coins and arrows
but i have the arrows and coins to the scene with the name (Scene)
now when im click on a cube in the game i have an add overlay Scene actuator and it shows the Scene (shop)
and the if im click on the red plane i want it so that it add -5 to the coins Text property
and add +1 to the arrows Text property
but it wont work
and in the shop Scene click on the blue plane and it go’s back to the game
ive made a .blend file please look at it and mayby help me fix this
how do i set the global objects good cuz im new with this i made some pythons look at the scripts and feel free to change this

please some1 help me on this

You know, dropping the .blend on the forum and explaining the problem by just saying “it won’t work” is not a very nice way to ask for help.

Try to debug on your own. You should be able to isolate the problem down to the code block (at least), before you force us to look for all the things that might be wrong with it.

Also, use the “Attach Files” forum feature to attach the .blend to your post. That way we can just download the file, instead of watching all those savefile commercials and pop-ups.


sorry im not ment to be mean
but the problem is that i dont get a error in the python
and i really dont know how to fix this
normaly i get a error and try to fix it on the error line but i have no clue
im just starting to learn python scripting and im know a bit of it
and i dont know that you can Attach files so thats my bad sorry
and sorry that i sounds rude

Ok, there are several things you’re doing wrong in your .blend.

For one, you forgot to pack your font texture, which means that everyone who downloads will not be able to see text in the .blend (you can pack textures by going to the UV menu for the texture, and pressing that little package icon to the right of the texture name).

As for the logic; You were doing things backwards. You don’t set global values equal to local values, you need to set local values equal to global values. Then you can just play with those global in some other scene, and then mirror them to locals of the main scene, in order to see the modifications.

Here, an example .blend, take a look:


new_shop.blend (171 KB)

thank you so much i always look up to you
thank you for looking at my problem