I have a problem

okay I thought this would be the place to post this.
sometimes when I am using blender 2.37 my middle mouse button will not let me rotate in the 3d window. instead in object mode it will move the object that is selected like the left mouse button can anyone help with this.
Also it does not do this in anything else any game that I play it like NWN it will rotate fine.

Blender has Gestures:- Rightclick and drag will Grab the active Object or verts. So will Leftclick drag but you need to make a more pronounced drag before it grabs. It sounds like your mouse is messing up. I tried clicking MMB and RMB together and it always grabs, but maybe because the RMB is easier to click than MMB.


I’ve had the same problem. A new mouse fixed it for me.

This might not really apply here but…

FYI: You can also change the effect of the mouse wheel by holding SHIFT, CTRL or ALT keys.

Shift+Scroll will move the view up and down, if you hold the MMB down you can drag the view up/down left/right. If you use Shift+Alt+Scroll you can rotate up and down.

Ctrl+Scroll will move the view side to side, holding the MMB down will zoom. Again if you use Ctrl+Alt+Scroll you can rotate side to side.

I went to my mouse settings and set it back to default. its working now.
Only problem is I dont know how it changed.