I have a problom stoping a caracter

im trying to make a dolphin swimming through water. i wan’t it to be dynamic for colision perposes, but i don’t want it to fall. Ive already got that part down (just change the gravaty to 0) but now because it is just floating in the air it drifts and does not slow down. is there a way to make friction in mid air, or to stop it slowly like drag in the water?

yes you have to set the dolphin dynamic so you can use the servo control motion actuator,
set the Integral Coefficient to 0.98 for a “hard” stop, change the value(s) for a “smooth” stop or break

Or you could just set the damp higher.

You could continually apply force to the dolphin against his head to simulate the friction of water.

this worked great. thanks.

the servo control caused an un-wanted back and forth motion.