I have a question about Blender and External Engines..


I was testing Ogre, Irrlicht, Panda3D, those as a game engine, and Blender for creating meshes then export them…

But the mentioned externals game engines, have really a huge space of work, for example, you make a plane using all the Blender’s grid (that is supposed to be enough big), you export this plane to a format readable for external engine, for example Panda 3D, .egg , then when you call the mesh from Panda’s code, the supposed big mesh really is a tiny mesh, so… my question is about Blender size:

Does someone knows how to increase blender grid, so with a big grid we have an idea of the size of our mesh, i know how to increase the distance far of the camera, but not the grid…


My guess is that it doesn’t matter much how big your models are, they’re automatically scaled down when imported to the other game engines to be “unobstructive”(not take up the whole world as space) for the very reason that dimension standards are inconsistent between programs.
My suggestion is to make them any size in blender, and then resize them once in these other engines.

(total lack of experience, I’m just making assumptions and guesses)

Oh, and in the header/bar for the 3d window panel of blender, go View -> View Properties and you can change soem settings for the grid (but there are maximums in place beyond which you cannot go)