I have a question about lightning? (I'm new)

I’m trying to create a 3d text, with light on top of it.
However, I want the light to turn on and off every second… sorta like a horror theme crap.
My question is, besides doing it manually (energy o… place key… energy 1… place key)

Is there another way of having the light turn off and on repeatedly from o frames to 450 frames nonstop?


Yes. Open Graph Editor, select the curve, hit “shift”+“e” and click “make cyclic”. You’ll get something like this:

Thank you so much.

I sound like a complete idiot saying this but in your picture on the left side, where you see all those tabs "Material 001… e.t.c

I have nothing there. I have a cube and a lamp (factory restore).
How do I add something in there?

I can adjust the position of the lamp in the graph editor.
But the power of the lamp WON’T SHOW UP!

I had to right click on the energy to insert a keypoint.


I have the energy keypoint on my graph, but how do I add another keypoint?
Here’s the picture


That must be done at the 3d viewport. Go to frame 1, select your lamp and decrease its strength value. Save it in a keyframe (place the cursor over the strength box and hit “i”). Then go 2 or 3 frames ahead and repeat the steps but increasing strenght´s value. Save it in another keyframe. Now you might have a curve raising from the first strength value to the second one. There is a videotutorial on how to change vertex color that could also helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=69IvjhSlLP4

The good news is, once you do get the hang of editing IPO-curves, you will find that they are used (or can be used) just about everywhere in the Blender system. In fact, there are so many of them out there that they’re organized into different categories. Blender’s UI doesn’t always put those curves “front and center” but they’re there, nonetheless.