I have a question about UV texturing

Hi .I have a question.Is it possible in blender to give a UV 2 textures:one UV coordinates and the other a fake reflection so that the reflection and the texture under it can both be seen at the same time.If yes , than how do you do that???
I am new to blender(using it only for about 2 weeks).
Right now i am using Blender 2.34.

i dont think it is posible to have 2 textures on 1 face, if that is what you are asking. But you can have 2 objects, here is an examle
the file is from a old 2.25 demos from NAN

And by the way Welcome :smiley:

So thats how the crystal cube was made.Now i get it.Thanks for the help NOR.J. :smiley:

NOR.J, how was that cube textured to have that environment map?

you mean the flase reflection thingy?(i dident rely understand the question i think)

Yes, that false reflection effect…