I have a serious problem with my characters auto weights

hi… i cant find an answer anywhere… i created my characters whiskers separately from the body. i made both single user. when i apply automatic weights - the right one works fine - but the left one does not deform properly. ive tried everything i can think of but nothing seems to work. please help. thanks …i tried to upload the file with this but it says NEW USERS CANNOT UPLOAD FILES… how can i upload the file ? it is on my google drive

OK…UPDATE… i deleted the left whisker. added & applied a mirror modifier & positioned them where they needed to be. i then went into edit mode & selected all vertices on the new mirrored one leaving the right one alone & separated it by selection… applied auto weights & vuala IT WORKED !!!

Hi… Sorry for invading your thread but I’m a newcomer to blender artists and quite new to blender… I would post my own thread but the option is blocked!?..
I have a thread on facepunch that explains my rigging problem… Can you tomahawk & anyone else please tell me what I need to do to get this game rig up & ready, complete? …Plllleeeeaaaasseee!!!