I have a site now!

Well, actually, a subdomain %| .

I got a free on from www.freeserverhost.com (Don’t stop this for SPAM, I was just helping people out, lol)

Anyways, the site is a WIP (As are most things with Blender Users) so, its really temporary in its current state. Nothing important is in the gallery, and I haven’t added my Tutorial section yet, which I promise to add my recently produced tutorials about my quick-fakes (that are different from yours) which tell about how to fake fire WITHOUT particles, and how to make a lightsaber with the most current version of Blender (and without a plugin). I hope to add more in the future (and don’t comment on the buttons- a quick gimp-up, lol.

Just tell me what you think, and tell me if I should continue or not…

Hold on Tight,

I’ve used plenty of free subdomains in my day. I’m using atspace.com right now. Unlimited bandwidth, 500MB of space, and no ads.

As for your site, the white text on the black background hurts the eyes after a while. And I’d like to see more in your gallery, of course. :wink:

Hey, thanks for commenting! I’ll look into that atSpace.com, as that sounds better than what I have now… The theme is still a WIP, as well as the Gallery. Update hopefully by tommorrow!

Hold On Tight,

EDIT: I looked at ATSPACE.COM, and found that it only serves 50MB, and it has 200KB file-size limits. So, atm, I’ll stay with mine, ads or not…

oh yeah, thanks for that atspace! i’ve been using freewebs (ugh…)

Just thought I’d toss a suggestion in here…

5gigs.com, 80 MB of space, 5 GB of bandwidth/month, no ads (yet, they’ve been testing a link on some accounts), php, mySQL, etc.

5gigs is great

when their up

Cool, signing up now. I was using tekcities before but it has been down for about 2 weeks now (my site is up but i cant change it) so its kinda getting on my nerve, and I do want to change it radicaly. Thanks for the link too

Yeah, they had a lot of problems, but since the new servers were brought into use, I’ve had very little downtime.