I have a vertice which i messed up could someone help me ?

Hi everyone !

This is my first post on the support forum.

I messed up an edge in blender, stays always orange cannot delete, dissolve, nothing.

Here the pictures of what i mean.

How to put this edge in its initial state like all other edges, vertices ?

Also can i dettach this edge from the left point ?

Thanks for helping me, i’m a beginner in Blender.

a) The singular of vertices is vertex, not vertice.
b) What vertex? Your image has an edge highlighted?
c) Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question.
Modeling errors are very hard to troubleshoot from screenshots alone.

Ok sry i used wrong bad vocabulary (also i’m not english native)

So as you said above Ikari, its an edge which is dashed orange that i messed up apparently, when i press TAB you see on the picture it stays dashed orange, i cannot not delete or dissolve this edge. So this might be a simple option or function i activated on this edge but cannot find to reverse it to its initial state.
Ikari i will not provide a .blend file its easy to see in the picture & someone with knowledge of Blender should know what that means.
The only thing i know i was messing around with mesh menu & vertices options.

dissolve the edge (press X -> select ‘dissolve edges’)

if that doesn’t work, delete the edge and refill the faces.

Someone with knowledge of Blender will have multiple options that can cause it, and you’re not helping to figure out which, nor helping to post the answer.


In Edit mode hit A to select all. W > Remove Doubles. If that doesn’t work, the edge might be a separate object. Select the box object and H to hide. The select the edge and delete.
Edit. TBH. That looks like a supporting edge, so you will need to create another one to support the vertex.
Create an Edge loop above the vertex going down from the top to bottom. You will see that the edge loop doesn’t go all the way to the bottom vertex but the horizontal edge above it. Slide the loop to align to the bottom vertex. Select bottom edge loop vertex and bottom vertex and hit J. Select the errant edge and X > Dissolve Edge.