I have an ad on odesk, looking for a good communicator who can handle full blender


I have an ad on odesk, looking for a good communicator who can handle a full pipeline in Blender
3d playable animation of a robotic game.

This job is for the first 80 hours of the project - $1,000 payable upon completion (of the 80hrs) in May 2015.

I expect the project to take another 250 hours plus at least 210 hours of robotics engineering for the final phase of the project.

I need a digital simulation of a robotic game built in Unity or Blender.
the result after 330 hours must be fully playable. Including a 2d arcade game side by side (split-screen)
The first phase of the project - 80hrs ending in May 2015. Is at a very relaxed pace, 2hrs each week for 40 weeks.
I have a rough design document.

when I hire a freelancer, as we develop the project I will develop concept art and more detailed design documentation.

The end result is intended to be to take this digital simulation (playable 3D animation) and build a robotic game based on that. But that will be after 330 hours building the simulation. And at that stage I will hire a robotics engineer for that part of the job for about 210 hours, if it’s still not finished, I will have another crack at it the following year.

This project is not intended as a commercial project, it is a portfolio piece for my concept designs. And it will showcase the skills of the chosen freelancers as well. I hope to display the final software with robotic game in a museum or gallery. This is a three year project.

It could be displayed somewhere public and monetised somehow, I will be in contact with my local Creative Management Government Organisation to discuss potential methods for monetising the project. But that will be in 2017.

If interested please apply via odesk then we can chat on skype for an interview.


This is narayana Reddy i have two years experiance 2D/3D and motion Animation any thing i will do .