I have an idea and no money for Ukraine

When there was the Bosnian war, I remember trees were cut down so people had no place to hide. And someone wrote a poem about it. And there was an image of a barren area and people dead underneath the barren trees.

That brings me to Ukraine and the old woman who implored the Russian soldiers to put sunflower seeds in their pockets that way when they were killed a sunflower, national flower of Ukraine would grow where they laid.

What crosses my mind is a Russian helmet with a bullet hole in it. Maybe some blood. The sun shining on it. Grass around it. And out of the bullet hole a sunflower seed has taken root and begun to grow.

I can’t imagine a much better visual love letter of strength, resistance, and rebirth for the people of Ukraine.

Could someone please make that a reality and pass it on?

Let them know we’re paying attention, listening and wishing them the best.

Thank you.


Just found out Storks have a special significance in Ukraine:

" According to Ukrainian and other European folk belief the stork possesses magical powers to protect and help humans. A family with a stork’s nest on its farm will live in peace prosperity and good health. A village with many storks can count on a bountiful harvest. The bird is believed to be capable of predicting the weather: restless behavior indicates the approach of bad weather standing on one leg cold weather and clacking of the beak a sunny day. In folk tales and legends the stork always plays the role of a helper of humans."

Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine - Stork

So, maybe a stork or two (or stork’s nest) for good measure.

Doesn’t matter to me if no one does this. That’s not the point. Would be nice.

It’s the thought.

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