I have dynamic text in a very simple beginner's game and I want to give it a color

I have a VERY SIMPLE “Game” (I am just beginning BGE). All it does right now is to sense a keypress (A key to “ADD 1” or S key to “SUBTRACT 1”), I added text, and it has a text property and a game property (“count”) and it works fine. It displays the count, 0,1,2, -1, -5 etc, as I press the keys. But it only shows the text integers in white. I have added a material and made it blue, and in the logic window it turns blue OK, but when I start the game, the text is white. I read several tutorials and looked at a few more. I have enabled a color node noodled to an output node and set shading to GLSL. What else is there? I can’t convert the text to a mesh, because then it won’t be dynamic (change) as I press the keys.

The materials doesn’t work in dynamic texts, use object color instead:

Thank you! That worked fine.